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Suscin is a community of environmental conscious people. We are on a mission to reduce the damages done to the environment by greedy humans using simple life hacks, few of which you’ll learn in this page below.

Suscin is founded by a team of IITians who believe that technology is not only used to exploit the planet and its resources, but can rather be used to make this world a better place to live. We are harnessing the power of latest technologies into this fashion industry to make an ecosystem where people will always have an option to choose between a cheap and environmentally degrading option and a more thoughtful and sustainable option for the products that they choose.

This is SUSCIN in a nutshell for you to understand

What Problem Are We Trying to Solve?

When we saw the market, there were many problems that we saw all around us from Air pollution to Water pollution to Plastic pollution to Ocean pollution but we saw a problem that was very deeply engraved in our environment but isn’t known to many of us because it doesn’t affect us as directly as air or water pollution and that was pollution created by Fast Fashion industry.

Let us introduce you to the world of fast fashion:

  • 2 billion tons of CO2 released annually
  • Textile industry is the 2nd largest polluter of freshwater in the world due to the usage of harsh chemicals required in the production process
  • Globally, each year, more than 80 Billion items of clothing (approx. 10 clothes per person on this planet) are purchased majority of which ends up in the landfills
  • Human labor exploitation is another story that will take another 1000 words

The fast fashion industry has taught to us the concept of over-consumption, where we are thrown with new attention-grabbing products and we end up buying things that we don’t even need. This is capitalism in simple words. We are trying to solve this exact issue by asking people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by choosing more sustainable options available out there.

There are few additional problems that we are also addressing via our brand like:

  1. Bringing the concept of sustainability to our conscious minds
  2. Correcting the perception about the sustainable options about being too costly

What you can do as an Individual?

  • Switching to more sustainable options like Bamboo fabric-based clothes
  • Reusing our old clothes to make new clothes or giving them to someone needy rather than throwing them directly
  • Buying only if necessary and not because just you want it and knowing that you’ll never wear it
  • Upcycle the old clothes into awesome cleaning gears.

How are we trying to solve this problem?

To be honest, this problem can’t be solved completely as it is a consumption and lifestyle problem that is very craftily created by large corporates for making profits. We at SUSCIN are hence bringing garments that are made from a sustainable fabric i.e., bamboo and we are not stopping here. We want to bring each and every product that can help reduce the burden on the environment under our roof.


Do you know the problems created by Plastic Toothbrush or Plastic Earbuds that you use?

We’ll let us just give you a glance of the problem that they create

Every year at least 5 Billion toothbrushes end up in a landfill and our oceans, enough to wrap around earth 20 times

Every year at least 5 Billion toothbrushes end up in a landfill and our oceans, enough to wrap around earth 20 times.

The first toothbrush that you, your father and your grandfather ever used still exists in the world either in the landfill or in our oceans

Plastic Toothbrushes and problems created by it
Pollution by Plastic earbuds

Around 1.5 Million Plastic disposable swabs are produced every single day! They contributes to about 1-5% of ocean pollution.

And for this same thing, SUSCIN is helping you to take your first step towards sustainable lifestyle and that too at a cost similar to buying any plastic alternatives.

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  1. Deveshri Bagul says:

    Wow! Your campaign showed that you are just doing it for the good cause! I’m buying it right away!

    • suscin says:

      Haha! We are just trying to replace Plastic from our lives and this is just our small effort towards it! Happy that you liked and believed in us!

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