There is no denying now that climate change is real. Not only scientists have proved it through refports but the daily havoc created by various disasters around the globe are physical shreds of evidence of it. For the past few years, the global numbers of weather-related natural disasters have increased ten times. Every part of the world is seeing rampant amounts of forest fires, earthquakes, floods, etc. and there is no running away. Instead of completely adapting to them, mitigation for such disasters is possible if we choose to fight climate change by changing the way we behave, choose and consume resources around us. The rise in global temperatures and large-scale shifts in weather causing climate change to happen majorly due to human-induced emissions, there is a cause-effect relationship between these two.

One needs to accept that throughout their existence, they are creating a highly negative impact on the climate. Of Course, it is not possible to completely nullify this, but one can surely reduce it. The first step towards achieving or changing is acceptance.

It might be overwhelming to change your everyday routines and follow a different path but here are some approachable steps one can take to help fight climate change:


Lifestyle Change - fight Climate Change

The average annual carbon footprint of a person is 16 tons in the US, 12.7 tons in the UK and stands at 4 tons averagely throughout the world.  Calculate your CARBON FOOTPRINT using this tool by

Small changes in your day-to-day activities are helpful. By being constant with these changes one gets through eventually bringing about a change in lifestyle. At every step, one can stop and analyze the repercussions, long-short term effects of the clothing, the gadget, the care product, etc. that you use. How does it affect the environment through the production stage, the packing, transporting, preservation, etc. after analyzing replacing those with actually eco-friendly or harmless products. One need not be in trend with the world to look cool or stay inclusive, not certainly at the cost of having a disastrous future. Adopt sustainability today. 


To power any gadgets we use, using vehicles, cooking food, any basic everyday activity we do, uses power/energy. While we use these sources there is a lot of greenhouse gases and various other gases that are emitted in the environment. We can switch to cleaner energy, renewable sources and also support and invest in such organizations or companies that help produce it. Solar grids, electric vehicles are some examples that require initial investments but pay off in the long term.

Energy Consumption - fight Climate Change


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - fight Climate Change

The three R’s OF ‘Reuse, Reduce, Recycle’ are the most basic ways yet the most powerful weapons in the fight against climate change. They help to shrink one’s carbon footprints. Reuse, use-it-again, and again. Ditch the single-use products and get cool things that can be of multi-use. Reuse your clothes, accessories, bags, bottles, instead of discarding them sooner in the name of fashion. Reducing one’s daily consumption in the first place is by far the most practical approach. Eliminating buying unnecessary things can take off the tension of getting rid of the product. Recycling, helps to somewhat compensate for the consumption. To implement recycling the sorting and incentivizing process is crucial. Almost all materials of daily use including plastic, paper, aluminium, etc. can be recycled. Using thrifted clothes, revamping/upgrading daily use items helps with creativity and recycling, both.


Huge corporations do not pay heed to ethical environmental practices in the lure of profit. They do not follow the set standards of keeping pollution and bad practices in check. One can take steps to divest investments in such corporations which reduces their monetary power to further finance these unfair practices. Influence your friends and family to follow the same.

divest in fossil fuels - fight Climate Change


Curbing emission - fight Climate Change

If every single person on the planet chooses to have their personal vehicle to commute daily and with a typical car emitting 4.6 metric tons of CO2 annually, one can certainly imagine the CO2 emissions only through transportation. By switching to electric vehicles we can not only reduce these emissions highly, but also save on fuel, special subsidiaries by the government, etc. manufacturing units need to change their production processes to keep a check on the gases emitting from factories


Growing poultry products for consumption uses ten times more resources than agricultural produce. By going vegan for a month, you would not only save 30 animal lives, but also 620 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide emissions, 913 square feet of forest, and 33,481 gallons of water. Going vegan is the single biggest way you can reduce your individual environmental impact.  

Veganism - fight Climate Change


Elect responsibly - fight Climate Change

Change can be made at an individual level by one person, but someone with authority is needed for the overall checks and balances. A leader who can make conscious efforts towards bringing about actual reforms and laws to transform the environment of a community is important. During elections make the candidates answer about their steps to curb climate change and how they would approach it at the global level.


As a consumer one needs to be vigilant and conscious about the buying decisions and patterns. The amount of energy used in a particular product’s production, packaging, transportation, all matters. How reusable and eco-friendly is the product? How serious is the company about keeping their emissions in check and what practices do they follow for the same? Their carbon pricing and carbon footprint? Various such questions need to be considered.  

Consumer Choice - fight Climate Change


Ethical brands - fight Climate Change

One can encourage purchases from sustainable brands, like Suscin giving them monetary support for more research and production. Promoting such businesses is essential. Giving monetary, legal or any kind of support can be seen as a helping hand towards their goal. Take part in rallies and events that help amplify voices for the cause of a better environment. Educate your near ones about their unhealthy practices and offer them to help with solutions. A small change from you, your family, your community can eventually go a long way. 


Due to mundane activities, it can be hard to stop and analyze every single step. So a habit should be inculcated to change your everyday routine. Reward yourself when you consciously go out of your way to make an effort to control your carbon footprint or help influence someone else to take up better practices.

Internal Checks - fight Climate Change


Plant trees - Restore Nature - fight Climate Change

We can cushion the adversity of climate change but it is a long way to completely avert it. Afforestation is a solution to this, plant more trees, take good care of them, protest against illegal felling of trees and let the environment thrive on it’s own. Conserve natural resources and stop them from replenishing. Only these practices are going to help one in the long run.


Societies, corporations, individuals, governments need to come together and work as one to fight climate change and achieve the goal of averting it. It is at the intersection of these sectors that the actual solution lies.    

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