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There exist all types of groups of people who think that the causes of climate change are natural while others feel it is purely man-made. While all of them are not completely right or wrong but yes, it is quite evident that the Climate Change phenomenon is mostly driven by human activities. Climate change and its consequences came under the spotlight recently after its adverse effects were felt worldwide. A lot is still not commonly known about this resulting in deep-seeded misconceptions.

Climate change is the long-term shift in the climate of Earth. One can identify it by erratic and unprecedented changes in climate. Climate is naturally variable and works on a time scale. The incoming and outgoing energy keeps the natural balance. Climate change offsets this balance causing great stress on the planet. In contrast to the common belief, climate change results from many reasons.


The Earth is adaptable but with the exponential increase industry the planet’s adaptability has taken a toll and Earth as a whole is suffering. Glaciers have shrunk, Ice and fresh water reserves are deteriorating and water level in the oceans have started to consume the lands. Human activities have brought the eco system on its knees as the planet continues to suffer.

In August 2021, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC released a report to which the UN referred to as the “red code for humanity”. The report elucidated the amount of warming and the natural calamities we would have to face in the coming decade. Human activity as a whole is the biggest contributor to Climate Change. Even thought the most substantial it is not the only reason for the same.

Climate Factors and Influencers:

The contemporary climate of our planet is affected by both natural and man made sources. The offset of the natural energy balance causes change in climate. This change is directly influenced by the time scale and grows more grave with time.
The two major categories of Climate influencers are :

  1. Natural causes (less known)
  2. Man Made causes (thought to be the only cause)

Natural Causes:

The Earth’s climate has a complex but sensitive ecosystem. The climate can have an effect by natural sources that are foreign to its climate system. These changes work on a large time scale to actually have observable effects.

These effects are unknown and are not mentioned a lot. These natural factors take time to have visible effects giving the planet adept time to recover and adapt on its own. If Earth is considered a system these factors discharge a lot of energy into the environment. Even though considerable the planet adapts and soon balances all the offset energy equations.

Two of the natural causes relevant to the natural timescale are:

  • Large Volcanic eruptions
  • Changes in Solar activity

Man-Made Causes:

Human influence on the climate has increased exponentially. In addition to the degradation of the environment, these activities emit various agents into the atmosphere.

Human influence on the environment is exponentially graver than natural causes. Greenhouse gases have caused 50% more climate change than the sun’s output. Painting a grim picture on the once bright skies the facts are often grim. Human activities especially since the industrial revolution have caused major changes in climate. In comparison to the natural causes, human activity in only one century is many times the effect of natural causes since the birth of our planet.

Major reasons for man made factors include:

  • Greenhouse effect
  • Burning of fossil fuels
  • Deforestation
  • Rapid Industrialization


Climate change is not only because of human activities. The ecosystem works on a sensitive energy system of incoming and outgoing energy. A lot of factors may cause an offset in this system. There is offset of energy results in visible changes to the climate, which has been given the term climate change. Unlike the common misconceptions, there are natural causes to this change as well.

Even though nature may itself cause changes in climate it is over a broad time. Human activity may not be the sole reason but is definitely the main cause of climate change.

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