Architect reuses discarded rubber tires and makes playgrounds for kids

Waste is mostly dumped into landfills. Everyone thinks that it is the waste management work or the Government’s role to think about reuse or recycle the wastes. It leads to a lack of accountability and responsibility in the community. Rubber tires are also a major part of this waste.

Rubber tires - how it's polluting and an architect Pooja Rai is reusing them to make playground for kids

But this kind of behavior needs to be changed. If everyone will think that others will do a particular thing, then there will be no one to do that. However, a brilliant architect gave thought to this issue and she has actually taken steps towards it.

Pooja Rai utilizes 100 million discarded tires and reuses them to make colorful playgrounds for school kids. Pooja created Anthill Creations.

Pooja Rai Anthill Creations

Anthill Creations

Anthill Creations is a non-profit organization that has actually built more than 283 playgrounds, just by reusing the tires. It is a great example of how one can make wastes work into something useful by following the 3R of sustainability.

The organization is located in Bengaluru. The designs she has created for playgrounds were quite awesome. The playgrounds consist of reused tires, sculptures of cars, animals, buildings, etc. Pooja also added swings, see-saw, and other games in the required playgrounds.

Pooja also works towards revitalizing public space so that not only kids but the whole community can get benefits from it. To know more about how they work visit Anthill Creations.

According to Pooja, unused places, parks, streetscapes, etc., can become a great place for people to interact with each other and be friends. These places will help the community to socialize with one another. By creating these kinds of interesting things, she and her team want to make society sustainable and healthy.

How does the Anthill Creations organization work?

At Anthill, Pooja and her team 2irks very strategically and straightforward to get the work done in the required time. They go through the following steps-

  1. Site selection
  2. Design the playscape, the things it will incorporate.
  3. Collecting material for reusing them from local sources
  4. Fundraising
  5. Construct the playscape
  6. Measure Adoption and impact.

Anyone who wants to volunteer or take service of this organization can contact Anthill Creations on their official site. With this, they can make their unused areas transferred into playgrounds and parks, made with reused stuff.

Anthill Creations, with their work, is making the community more interactive, creating awareness among them to reuse things, and creating a more sustainable environment.

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