Hardik Shah’s startup is focused on bringing back the circular economy through its initiatives and subsidiary.

Hardik Shah has a solution for the amount of plastic, bubble wrap or thermocol that is used in the packaging of deliveries by corporations is astonishing. They make use of these huge cardboard boxes for small products. It is possible to avoid all this packaging but these companies are concerned more about their image than the amount of garbage they add to the environment. Nowadays, even the kabadiwala’s don’t go door-to-door for waste collection.

Ahmedabad resident Hardik Shah, is a qualified engineer and instrumentation. After working in the IT department for various years, in 2017, Hardik decided to become an entrepreneur. Hardik launched his cleantech startup called – INNOVATE GREEN TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED

According to Hardik the idea for this business came to his mind during his Japan trip in 2011 for work. Personally seeing their approach to waste management impressed him. They managed to find workable solutions for all types of waste problems. After the trip, Hardik began his own research regarding the environment and the process of waste management. Hardik used his interest in technology to create an app. 

“I was inspired to create a system that could help people solve global warming by quantification. To understand the gravity of any situation, quantifying it makes people take it seriously,”

Hardik says.

Adding a number to anything makes it more serious. The ultimate goal to create a cleantech company is to make environmental conservation a priority.

Hardik Shah’s main goal is to bring back the concept of ‘circular economy’. A circular economy is an economy that concentrates on challenges of climate change, waste and pollution. The model of production and consumption. This involves sharing, leasing, recycling and refurbishing all available products till possible. This helps to increase the lifespan of the products. Unlike a linear economy where they close a transaction after delivery. “In doing this our aim is to move towards zero-waste cities,” says Hardik. 


The team with collected waste


An initiative at a Navratri Event

The app created by the team is really innovative. On the app, it connects consumers, delivery partners, waste collectors, artisans, basically everyone involved in the process. On one single platform, users can sell their waste and buy recycled products. 

Talking about the things you can buy with this waste, it ranges from daily wear to kitchen stuff to food. By paying in waste here, you can get a pizza!! By saving the pizza box you can further get anything from the app. They make an effort to engage various sustainable brands with them.

Through the mobile app of ‘Recycle.Green’ one can give back the packaging waste of these brands for recycling and earn credits. With these earned credits you can also shop from their website. On opening an account the app credits a certain amount as balance. The ability of the app to create a credit wallet helps the customers. They started this online venture in 2017 and today the platform has 80 vendors and more than 5000 active subscribers. If the subscribers don’t want to buy anything they can simply donate the money towards any CSR activity. The subsidiary initiative, ‘Recycle.Green’ has tied up with various such organizations. Also after completion of a cycle, they reward the subscriber with a certificate.

Being inspired by this initiative, Subhsri a school student along with her friends went on a door-to-door campaign. Her efforts resulted in more than 500kgs of waste not being dumped in a landfill. They explained to people the importance of segregating and recycling waste.


The concept of ESV helps people realize the environmental impact they create while using a single product. The patented feature of ESV takes into consideration the entire cycle of a product. Right from buying to consuming it. The app can tell you what exact impact your action has had on the environment. It also shows the amount of reduced carbon footprint. So far Recycle.Green claims that they have been collectively instrumental in saving  279.56 trees, 56,490 kg of carbon emission, 37,59,645 litres of water pollution and 54,356 sq mt of land pollution. More than 100 tonnes of waste of Ahmedabad city has been diverted from the landfills. 

Use this to check your Environmental Savings Value(ESV): https://letmebreathe.in/2019/11/29/know-your-environmental-saving-value/

In terms of further spreading the business, Hardik Shah expresses that they plan on expanding their services to different states in India. They want to explore the cities of Mumbai, Vadodara, Rajkot, Pune, etc. Of course, there were many hurdles in the beginning but Hardik along with his team has managed to get over everything. Making his initial idea successful, the team has also managed to raise two rounds of fundings from investors. 

We hope that this work reaches many cities soon and eventually the world.  

To know more about their story check out https://www.recycle.green/pages/ourstory         

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