The truth of the fashion industry can change your opinions about your chosen skin.

Fast fashion

The truth of the fast fashion industry

Fast fashion is the fashion that promotes trendy clothes which are made up of low-quality materials and are available at meager prices in the market. When any runway trend comes into the fashion industry, the big brands immediately put that item on the market. People think that these clothes are trendy, so they just buy them. The truth of the fashion industry might be something we would overlook.

According to Investopedia,

“Fast fashion refers to those clothing that moves quickly from the catwalk to stores.”

It is actually a kind of cycle. One thing happens because of others, and that leads to further different stuff. In the fast-fashion matter, runway trends are something that changes every day. If any model is promoting a particular thing, tomorrow, she will be presenting any other stuff. What the fashion industry does is always keep an eye on the trends.

The cycle of fast fashion

  • Runway styles – become the trend.
  • Big brands – Bombard the same items in the market within a span of one or two days.
  • Clothes – Excess amount in the market, lower price
  • Consumers – Influencing by trends, buy the clothes
The cycle of fast fashion

Let us dive into this cycle-

  1. When a specific thing hits the runway because of the global market and interconnected world, the item becomes the trend in no seconds.
  2. The big designers and brands, always focusing on world trends, pick up that particular style and produce them in bulk and launch them in the market. Both the online and offline places, actually, are filled with that stuff.
  3. The clothes or dress get in the market in just the time of two or three days. They usually are made up of low-quality materials and even consist the polyester. The price of the clothes is quite customer-friendly and affordable.
  4. People buy them because those clothes are in trend and being at competitive prices. Even by having or acquiring that particular stuff, they want to present them as up-to-date or trendy.

Researches show that

6 out of 10 people buy trendy clothes even when they do not need them. They wear those clothes only 4 or 5 times and then toss them, moving to buy other trendy clothes launched in the market.”

What is the driving reason for the fast-fashion culture?

It is the main question that matters because all humans know the impact of fast fashion on Earth, even they prefer it. There is a hidden continuous pattern happening in society that leads to the growth of fast fashion in reality. Those driving reasons are –

Human nature:

We, as humans, like to dress up. For us, fashion is not just something we prefer. One sees it as a kind of expression of their own self. People love clothes, and every item they wear says something about them. Like if you wear a t-shirt, it will convey your color choice, the taste of clothes, brand connection, etc.

So, for presenting ourselves as perfect people, we choose fast fashion clothes. We consider that the required items will enhance our self in public.

Societal thinking:

As per research, the most common reason people buy clothes is to make an impression on others. One thinks that he should buy an item for a party because he wants to look trendy and catch attention or impress someone.

It is the way of society to see things. If a person wears cloth that is exclusive or trendy, he or she considers them as an up-to-date one. If a person does not jump quickly on trends, then consider a bit slow or not updated.

Social media influence:

Social media affects more or less everyone’s life. In the fashion industry, it is social media that has actually led fast fashion to grow more than ever.

Imagine yourself, if you go to a restaurant or café, you by sitting their scroll 200-600 photos. You just consume the information that these outfits are in trend nowadays. Everyone is posting their pics and stories wearing the outfit.

RESULT – It influences the mindset and mostly makes you order the same trendy outfit for yourself. You may wear that cloth 2-3 times. But again, when something new pops up on social media, you will jump to that other item. It makes a person have plenty of clothes, out of which they just wear half and even toss them by wearing 2-3 times.

The tossing of clothes is even a result of social media. The reason is no one wants to have so many pics on the same outfit. So, when the trend is off of that particular outfit, they even leave it.

Lack of awareness:

Nowadays, it is tough to say that one has no idea about fast fashion being harmful to our planet. Most of us know that. But there is a difference between knowing something and having awareness about that particular stuff.

The way fast fashion generates more leads and sales makes it clear that people are buying it despite knowing its process. The missing link here is a lack of awareness. Awareness is necessary for coming out of the trap of fast fashion.

Big picture of fast fashion

Fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world
  • The garment industry making clothes of fast fashion is usually have children as their worker. The industry takes children as workers because they are available for work at a lower wage.
  • Every year average person throws 80 pounds of clothing. The clothes are mostly those they bought for the sake of trend. Imagine how much clothing goes into landfills every year.
  • For gaining more popularity and sales, the fashion industry uses discounts, coupons, and freebies, etc. People even where they think they will buy one outfit end up doing more shopping. The fashion industry launches catwalk designs into retail shops every day. It only adds up being more and more garment waste on Earth.
  • The amount of water required for making a  jacket or a cotton fabric is 700 gal., or even more. The remaining water after the work disposes into rivers or ponds.

Knowing about the truth of the fashion industry could definitely be eye-opening.


To wrap up, the truth of the fashion industry needs to be accepted and acted upon. way fast fashion cycle moves, the same way we just repeat our habit of the following fashion. One needs to be more responsible and aware when they do shopping. Acquiring sustainable clothing is the alternative that one should prefer.

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