Why you should prefer Bamboo fabric clothing?

Prepared from the original bamboo pulp and garmented by the multi-step process, the use of bamboo fabric to manufacture bamboo clothing is sustainably gaining enormous attention. It is both natural and ethical and also serves the environmental needs and our requirements rightfully.

In recent times, fast fashion production is becoming a threat to biological diversity and is also the cause of global health hazards. Thereby, the fashion industries who are not only concerned for their benefits and also care for maintaining the balance between fashion and ecosystem are trying to incorporate more eco-friendly ways of cloth production.

What is the status of bamboo clothing?

Right now, bamboo clothing is the best option to create new style trends that will not exploit the environment as fast fashion does. Even famous fashion designers and actors are using bamboo fabric in their fashion collections.

Since everyone is setting the trend to prefer eco-fashion in the textile industry, it’s your time to replace the fast fashion collections. It uses bamboo fabric clothes in both your daily basics and event wear.

Why you should prefer bamboo fabric?

Benefits of Bamboo Clothing - World's Softest T-shirt by Suscin, UV Protection, Insulating, Odour less, Seat Absorbing
  • The bamboo garments are ultra-soft and shiny. They are best in temperature regulation, prevent bad odors and keep you fresh all day long.
  • Bamboo is the best accessible fiber plant in all seasons. It grows readily and requires less care and maintenance.
  • It is naturally regenerating, hence widely provides for the big requirements. The garments last for a long and can recycle again into new forms.
  • The fabric doesn’t need a chemical wash, and it also doesn’t shrink easily. Their moisture-wicking nature keeps you dry, and plant features help protect you from the harmful UV rays.
  • While the bamboo fabric is extremely durable and sustainable, it also carries the plant’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and breathable properties.
Why Bamboo Garments - Ultra soft Anti-bacterial Anti-fungal Breathable Shiny Temperature regulation Prevents bad odour Long lasting and upcycleable No need of chemical wash Doesn't shrink easily Moisture wicking UV Protection Durable Sustainable Less water in production

There are many more reasons that make bamboo clothing much more sustainable and readily favorable. The production process of these fabrics and their processing into clothes is also quite eco-friendly and ethical. The fact of not exploiting the resources and produce less toxic waste is also taken care of at the multi-step procedures.

What is the venture of Bamboo from plant to clothing?

What is so special about Bamboo plants?

Bamboo plants make their cells at a time when they are just a little bud. In contrast, animals grow their cells slowly. Their cells split apart and make other cells during the growth process. But the bamboo-cells do not split apart; they actually stretch out. The cells mostly contain water that makes them expand like a balloon.

Being versatile in nature, it is widely used by humans for various purposes. It also provides a great source of food for animals, like pandas, elephants, lemurs, gorillas, etc.

Bamboo crop to fabric process - Bamboo Plantation Bamboo Harvesting Bamboo disintegrated into strips and chips Bamboo smashed to make Bamboo Pulp Pulp passed through filter to create long fibers Water + Amine Oxide to soften the fiber Spinned to Bamboo Yarn Weaved and made into desired bamboo product

Bamboo plantation and harvest:

The bamboo used for making fabric is grown in vast amounts. Bamboo plants don’t need much water or chemical fertilizers. The plant grows rapidly in all seasons, and when the stems become perfect for fabric production, they are cut down into strips and chips.

Extraction of the required pulp:

The bamboo leaves, stem chips, and the inner soft material of the hard bamboo trunk are crushed in machines to extract the bamboo pulp. The resulting pulp is then soaked in natural enzymes to get the cellulose.

Regenerating the fiber and spinning it into yarn:

The bamboo cellulose is then get prepared into thin sheets of viscose fiber. It is washed as oxides to soften the material and then let dry. After drying, the fiber parts are easy to remove and separate. They are then spun into threads and bamboo yarns.

Once the yarn is fully prepared, it weaves into fabrics that resemble the softness and shine of pure silk. They then dye in organic colors and done for textile industries to make their fashion garments and household textiles.

Knitting into amazingly soft and elastic fabrics:

These fabrics make very comfortable garments, and the anti-bacterial properties of the fabric make them suitable wear for people suffering from allergic reactions as well. By using bamboo clothing, you can fulfill your responsibility towards the environment with an elegant style.

Your initial step towards this sustainable fashion will aid in making the whole world a better place to live. If you are still in a puzzle, below are few reasons why you should prefer bamboo garments. Check them out and take your initiative towards sustainability in fashion.

10 reasons why you should replace your basic clothing with bamboo fabric dresses?

1. You will love the way it feels against your skin:

The bamboo fabric clothing is luxuriously soft and wonderfully comfortable. The structural micro-pores of the clothing make it very breathable and lightweight.

2. You will feel long-term freshness all day long:

The bamboo fabric cuts off the odor and keeps you fresh. These microscopic holes offer excellent ventilation that repels moisture and resulting odors.

3. It will protect you from extreme weather impacts:

Bamboo fabric is the best insulating and temperature regulating material. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Hence, you  can use them all year round with great comfort.

4. Good to wear for all skin types:

Bamboo clothes are suitable for all skin types. Even the sensitive skin people who experience allergies can wear them. The hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties make it very hygienic.

5. There is no need for chemical softeners and regular ironing:

The fabric is almost as soft and thin as silk. You do not need to use chemicals to soften them. They also do not shrink or bag after use and wash, hence, save you from ironing even after frequent washes.

6. You can help favor the environment by using them:

Bamboo clothes are eco-friendly. They are renewable and biodegradable. They can also recycle easily without adding any toxic waste to the environment.

7. The garments are ideal natural UV ray absorbents:

When you wear bamboo clothing, they provide you 100% protection against harmful UV exposures. Hence, you can spend all your day in sun exposure without worrying about your skin.

8. They are sweat-resistant and keep you dry on the go:

These are 20-40% more absorbent than the most-finest quality cotton. The clothes absorb all the sweat and allow them to evaporate quickly into the atmosphere.

9. Good for active-wear or hard-work styles:

The bamboo clothing is 20% elastic. It offers great flexibility and speed to the wearers to perform their works effectively and actively.

10. It will serve you for much longer than ordinary fabrics:

The bamboo fabrics are firm and durable. Their garments usually have a longer life span than ordinary fashion clothes. They also don’t get severe with regular use and frequent wash. So, you can enjoy your good-as-new look for quite longer.

Bamboo garments are actually natural, 100% comfortable, and wonderfully excellent wear. Try bamboo fabric clothing and enjoy eco-fashion.

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