Multilayered plastic waste into multipurpose sheets

Plastic products and commodities have become widespread and so has plastic waste and trash. One of the most popular uses for plastic is in the packaging industry. Owing to its durable and solid-state it makes a great packaging material. As much as 45% of plastic waste comes from packaging materials. Not much is known about MLP (multi-layered plastic ) which is worse than the common SLP ( single-layered plastic ).

Products like toothpaste tubes, Tetra packs, and food packets are made of MLPs. MLP is worse than SLP in many ways. This Gujarat-based startup, Ricron Panels may have the most sound solution to this multi-layered problem.

45% of plastic waste comprises of MLPs from packaging industry.

Let’s look into the solution provided by Ricron Panels.

solid panels with multiple applications

The influence of MLPs on the industry is widespread and continues to grow day by day. A pressing ban on MLP and its use may prove to be a culling for the economy and production. Does a sensitive problem perhaps come with a simple solution?

Ricron Panels, a Gujarat-based startup converts 500 tons of MLPs into multipurpose panels. These panels are made from discarded MLP waste and have a variety of applications.

Benches made from upcycled MLP waste ( source )

Using a proprietary method the collected MLP waste is converted into solid planks. These planks resemble plywood and are a viable replacement for natural plywood. This board can reduce stress on forests as well as recycle the MLP waste in the market.

The MLP is low-value plastic that is harder to recycle causing the majority to directly go into landfills. The material is fire-resistant, water-resistant, rust-resistant, termite-resistant, and heat-resistant. Paver block pallets, portable cabins, fly ash brick pallets, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) (a lightweight, precast building material), shuttering material, and flooring are some of the uses for the product.

The company wants to mitigate as much as double plastic waste in the future. The plastic sheets retain the same durability without affecting the quality. The only problem right now is the cost, which is to balance steadily to match the other sheets present in the market.

The startup is growing its influence and plans to shift operations nationwide. Tell us what do you think of this noble venture with a multitude of applications!

Ricron Panels
Ricron Panels

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