Making power while the sun shines. 

Solar energy is the radiant light or heat from the sun that can be converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar energy makes use of solar panels, generally laid on rooftops, to generate energy. India is blessed with more than 300 clear and sunny days a year. Which makes enough potential to draw about 5000 trillion KWs of energy each year. 

Tata Power Solar Systems Limited, a subsidiary company of the Indian multinational conglomerate TATA GROUP, is India’s leading solar power industry.

Tata Solar Power carport
Tata Solar Power carport

A Tata Power Solar Panel 


In the year 1989, Tata Power and BP Solar started a joint venture, Tata BP Solar. The company’s commercial manufacturing began in 1991, the first solar facility with a 3 MW capacity. By 1995, the company had already saved 6,198 tons of carbon footprint. 

The year 2000, was a milestone for the company as it crossed Rs.100 crore in sales From here on, the company went on scaling new heights. 

Till 2005, the company had several achievements: India’s first solar heated pool for Rashtrapati Bhavan and also developed the largest industrial solar water heating system for a milk federation. By 2007, they were successful in installing solar lighting in 8000 homes. Finally, by 2010 carbon footprint was reduced by 34,43,546 tons. 

On 21 December 2011, BP Solar announced its exit from the solar business and hence Tata Power Solar became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tata Group. By 2017, the company was ranked #1 in the solar rooftop market for the third consecutive year – by BRIDGE TO INDIA

Tata Power Solar: 

Tata power is the country’s largest integrated solar power provider to some big cities. The company operates in 100 countries and has powered Mumbai to remain the commercial capital of India. Their products and services are exported to150+ countries around the globe. By means of efficient transmission, distribution and innovation of energy, the company aims at meeting power requirements. 

‘To improve the quality of life of the communities we serve globally, through long-term stakeholder value creation based on Leadership with Trust’.

Tata solar power


The company has the vision to empower a billion lives through sustainable, affordable & innovative energy solutions.


  • Keeping the customer at the center of all we do
  • Operating assets and executing projects at benchmark level through technology & innovations
  • Sustainable growth with a focus on profitability and market leadership
  • Creating an empowered workforce driven by passion & purpose
  • Leadership with Care: for all stakeholders


  • Safety:  Safety is their core value with no other priority over it. 
  • Care They want to give value and care to customers, stakeholders as well as the environment. 
  • Agility Being proactive, speedy and responsible 
  • Learning Maximize the learning abilities. 
  • Ethics:  Achieve the most admired standards of Ethics, through Integrity and Mutual Trust.

Tata Power’s approach to solar energy:

The company believes in the numerous benefits of solar energy. This energy is clean, which means that it does not produce any fumes. It is quiet, unlike diesel generators which are noisy.

‘A renewable source of energy’. 

It is one of the most environmentally sustainable forms of energy, as it will not run out or pollute like non-renewable sources. Economically- sensibly, there are 0 recurring costs on the solar power supply. 

Projects by Tata Power: 

The company converts solar energy by using solar panels and solar pumps. These projects cover a varying range, like rooftops, large-scale projects and even offer customized solutions.  


Un-utilized rooftop spaces are best for solar energy, providing good returns on investment and require minimal investment.

rooftop solar panels

Residential: Tata power offers rooftop services for homes. This way families can save and earn from idle roof spaces and also protect the environment. With its Pan India presence, they have already commissioned 15000+ residential systems; some of their successful rooftop projects have been 10.8 MW rooftop solar power system- Anert, Kerala and 5.25 KW solar system- Suvidha housing society, Bengaluru, India. 

Commercial & Industrial: For commercial & industrial clients, the company has taken a step ahead to provide customizable sustainable solar power solutions, therefore helping them reduce carbon footprint and fiscally sound answers. They have provided solutions to industries across India in Cochin, Sangli, Pune and Mangalore(with a 6MW project).

Tata Solar Power at CCIThe Cricket Club of India in Mumbai is the world’s largest solar-powered rooftop installation on a cricket stadium.  

Institutions: The company has already partnered with more than 100 institutions such as schools, universities, non-profit organizations. Apart from helping in cutting costs from sustainable energy sources, it also helps students to learn and imbibe the spirit of sustainability. 

Solar water pumps: 

For an effective irrigation system, the solar water pump is a boon. these pumps use solar energy to draw power. These pumps don’t rely on fuels and maintenance costs are also conventional. With over 50,000 pumps installed across India to date, the company’s goal is to provide water assurance and financial security to all farmers in India. 

Sustainability standards at Tata Power Solar: 

Adhering to their values and visions, the company’s commitment lies towards environmental excellence, community care, sustainable product manufacturing and ensuring the health and safety of its dynamic workforce. 

It focuses on adopting sustainable business practices. To manufacture using eco-friendly processes to ensure safety to the environment. They also work to imbibe sustainable practices in their employees, partners and the supply chain. 

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