Ban Ki-Moon - “Climate change is the single greatest threat to a sustainable future but, at the same time, addressing the climate challenge presents presents a golden opportunity to promote prosperity, security and a brighter future for all

“Climate change is the single greatest threat to a sustainable future but, at the same time, addressing the climate challenge presents a golden opportunity to promote prosperity, security and a brighter future for all.”

These lines said by Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Former Secretary-General of UN shed light on the growing international concern over climate change. An ever-growing concern, is climate change perhaps reversible? 

The phenomena of Climate Change:

Human activities have a sizeable and visible effect on our ecosystem. There is a time lag between our actions and the effects to settle in. Often unfelt but the effects of the past century have set off an ecological imbalance. This ecological imbalance is being referred to as what we call “climate change”.

Climate change is a broad term used to refer to changes in Earth’s climates, at local, regional, or global scale. Due to the large impact of this phenomenon, Climate change can also refer to the effects of these changes. Humanity has set about many changes in the last century whose effects are being noticed slowly. The slow yet considerable deterioration of our planet is already occurring as many changes are yet to be noticed. 

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The effects of Climate Change:

Earth’s climate is always changing and these changes take thousands of years. This climate cycle is rather normal for our planet and is quite predictable. When these changes become unpredictable or erratic, it becomes quite a big concern. It has been observed that the global temperature has risen. The people who dedicate their lives to study climate have remarked Earth is getting warmer. While it may not be a big change. But small changes in even the smallest of conditions have big effects.

A change in the planet’s usual temperature may cause a variety of problems.

  • Erratic schedule for monsoon rains. This affects the agriculture industry directly and is majorly monitored.
  •  Increase in world sea level. The increase in ocean water level is a grave concern for coastal cities.
  • The rise in temperature causes ice to melt faster. Ice reserves hold the majority of freshwater present.

These are some of the most important effects climate change can cause.

The effects of climate change
Climate change- a looming threat

Climate Change is Reversible:

Scientists estimate the planet’s temperature will keep on rising for the next 100 years. This will in turn cause grave and some unprecedented effects. The ice caps will deplete and the sea level will rise. Winters will get colder and Summers will get hotter. Some of these changes can already be felt and noticed. Unlike common thought, these effects are rather courtesy of past exploitation. Climate change is real but the effects take time to settle in and be visible. 

While this factor mainly creates a lot of uncertainty. This lags in what we do and what we feel might work in our favour. If proper mitigation measures are brought in timely, we can help prevent climate change. We might not notice immediate results. Some of the methods to help prevent our planet decay are:

About Afforestation


Trees are one of the best ways to capture carbon in environment.

Reduce our consumption:

Increased and overconsumption leads to inefficiency and waste.

Learning about our planet:

Knowledge is power and the more we know the more we can do.

If we want to save our planet, the time to act is right now. We wouldn’t even notice once the effects have settled in. Climate change is reversible but it is something that cant be prevented once it is over a certain threshold point.


Climate change is a phenomenon that needs to be monitored closely. It is evident only after a passage of time and needs to be contained in present. The only way to ensure we have a chance to fight back is to start right now.

Together, right now and with proper steps we can stop climate change.

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