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Revolutionizing the lighting industry, Jenny pinto’s homegrown company “Oorja” sells recyclable and crafty lightings and décor. Jenny Pinto formerly working for the film industry enjoyed a fast-paced life pre-liberalization. She left her enjoyable job and welcomed a lifestyle of ups and downs of starting her own venture. Tapping a formerly untapped industry, her brand is now afore leader in this industry. Oorja is known for its crafty and sustainable lighting accessories.

Jenny on the verge of motherhood started worrying about the world she was gonna bring her child onto. The grim effects of rapid consumerism and non-holistic practices affect our environment. It was about time for her to take it in her own hands to fight this change and make her own efforts.

Jenny pinto

Jenny and Oorja

Jenny resettled to Bangalore to explore her relationship with the environment from a more behavioral and personal perspective. At the same time she was taking pottery lessons and by chance came up across a demonstration on “handmade paper”. Her encounter with paper was by pure luck and proved to be a chance fortune.

Jenny looked further into her piqued interest in paper making. By 1998, her interest had grown enough to open one of the first papermaking studios in India. Through trial and error, she perfected the art of papermaking.

The use of waste materials to make “green” paper is dismal and inefficient. Only a small portion of waste is recycled into paper and often in worse quality. A study on the 2011 census shades more light on this topic.

A canopy light deign by oorja

She spent some time in Portland, Ohio perfecting the art of papermaking. Through her extensive experience and research, she started making papers. No one in India had made paper like this before. She started small and her aim was never unfocused from the environment. Jenny set up a rain water harvesting unit knowing how water intensive paper making is.

The process should be as natural and holistic in nature revolving around nature.

Taking oorja forward

OORJA lights

Jenny spent her time upscaling and perfecting her papermaking. Starting small over a highly specific target, she needed perfect machinery and people. Jenny had to convince machine manufacturers to make highly specific and small machines. Procuring the banana fiber, the main material for her craft proved to be hard initially as well. She herself taught local artisans, who ended up staying with  Oorja for years. Already a permanent part of the lighting industry, Oorja sends waves down the industry.

Jenny pinto a successful entrepreneur personally led her home brand to success. It was hard to instate paper products as durable and permanent due to the weak nature of the material. After years of showcases and exhibitions, Jenny countered this problem as well.

This brand has worked on prominent projects along with Fatty Bao, Yazu, Gonative, Linkedin, Google and Reliance.

Currently employing around 50 employees, Oorja is set to grow further. The brand recycles and repurposes materials like paper and now even faux cement. Aesthetic and unique shades from waste materials. Constantly expanding and innovating, Oorja has some of the most aesthetic and sustainable options in home décor.

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