Having lived in a rented apartment before, Veena Lal wanted her new home to be unique. Working for an NGO she lives a holistic life and wanted her house to reflect her personality. In 2003, she had purchased a plot to build her new home in Faridabad. After years of planning, she finally saved up enough money to start the construction process. Her mud house is a perfect example of harmony with nature.

Veena Lal posing in front of her “mud” house ( source )

Even before she shifted to her mud house, Veena led a sustainable life. She used to generate less waste and recycle whatever she could, including water. Inspired by her lifestyle, her house reflects her way of life.

Constructed from 100% natural and recycled materials such as mud, stones, and repurposed wood. The house is self-sufficient and uses minimum electricity with no wastewater connections.

a Natural dwelling

Veena Lal along with the help of a young Mumbai-based architect named Amol Mannekar constructed the house of her dreams. A unique and natural dwelling her house is as sustainable as possible. The walls are made of mud with shaped interiors and shelves. The roof comprises of tilled red clay made locally. The doors and other wood frames are improvised from re-purposed wood. The floor itself has no tiles and instead rests on large stones. Even the washbasin and sinks are made from stone like other elements of the house.

The house is made up of mud which naturally cools the interior and negates the use of ACs. Furthermore, she requested Amol to add hollow spaces along the outer walls. These spaces allow birds to rest and take shelter along the outer walls. This house is the harmony between nature and peace. The house has a single storey and a patio. Two bedrooms, a drawing-room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a separate dry toilet are available.

The house and the NGO building alongside use solar energy. The electricity bills never exceed the minimum amount of Rs. 4000. Furthermore, Veena only eats and depends on the produce she grows near the vicinity of her house.

the zero waste bathroom

The house has open bathing with natural lighting ( source )

The house employs a dry bathroom solution to the eco-friendly problems. Devoid of wastewater connection, Veena cycles between two drums to store and flush the waste. The main bathroom like in older days is separate from the house. Veena mixes the content of the drums with cow dung and creates a natural mix of eco friendly manure

Even the bathroom is as unique as the house. The bathing space is in open and lit by natural lighting. Veena has planted Banana plants along with the bathroom. These plants are known for their long roots and purifying capacity. Hence, the water returning to the ground is purified and contaminated

Veena Lal and her unique home are truly one of a kind! let us know what you think of this perfect house and its natural harmony.

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