With the massive population of India, it is difficult to fulfill the energy needs. Even now, primary energy consumption in the country is dominated by coal. Along with that, even the use of fossil fuels like natural gas and crude oil is high. India is highly dependent on these non-renewable sources that are harming the environment. 

A country like India, which receives abundant sunlight and winds, it can be a great opportunity to harness its power for our electrical needs. Non-renewable energy sources like wind energy, hydropower, solar energy, etc. are great research paths for the country. 

The high electrical costs is what inspired one such person to build a company that is currently changing the renewable energy game not only in India but worldwide. 

Suzlon Energy Limited: 

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Suzlon Energy Limited, a Pune-based Indian multinational is among the world’s leading energy solutions. The company aims at revolutionizing and redefining the way sustainable energy sources are harnessed. Suzlon has made a promise to power green solutions to the energy crisis of the world. Currently, the company has made its mark across 18 countries; Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and both North and South America. 

Tulsi Tanti was a mechanical engineer who looked after his family’s textile business in Gujarat. With high operating costs, expensive electricity and frequent power outages his business was not faring well. He set out to explore other viable options to power his business. In 1194, Tanti literally purchased two turbines to produce his own electricity. This is what inspired him to enter the energy sector with Suzlon. 

History of Suzlon: 

suzlon history.
Setting up the first wind farm

So in 1995, Tulsi Tanti (CMD) Ashwani Kumar (CEO, Suzlon Group) came up with Suzlon Energy with a view to providing complete solutions to wind energy services. The incipient company went on to develop ties with German wind energy leader Südwind Energy to get help in designing Wind Turbine Generators(WTGs), which proved to be a critical thrust to set up the company in India. Soon after the company bagged its initial projects in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

From 2001, the company was on track to become vertically integrated with full capacity. This also gave a push to form the Suzlon Control System(SCS). It was in the same period that the company went international, while commencing operations in USA and Germany under Suzlon Wind Energy Corp, and Suzlon Energy GmbH respectively. It also formed wholly-owned subsidiaries in Australia and Denmark. 

In 2005, Suzlon crossed the 1GW installed capacity mark in India. Since then Suzlon worked on continuous R&D to be the best in the wind power business. It started partnering up with major investors like Dilip Sanghvi Family and Associates in 2015. After growing manifold in more than two decades, the company is determined to be a leader in sustainable energy programs.   


It considers itself to be a torchbearer for the manufacturing, dissemination and promotion of renewable energy use. The company wants to create a better life for future generations to help attain ecological, economical and social goals.   


To deliver utility-scale, best-in-class, end-to-end integrated renewable energy solutions for the customers. They also want to focus on Wind-Solar Hybrid utility-scale solutions. 


Suzlon wants to take a holistic approach towards sustainable development with these five values:

  • Agility:  Conduct business efficiently, promptly and take timely action to achieve growth and create value.
  • Creativity:  To constantly innovate and create.
  • Value addition:  Efforts to deliver maximum value
  • Commitment:  Committed to building a sustainable tomorrow
  •  Integrity:  Complete honest and transparent relations with all stakeholders.
wind turbines
Suzlon wind farms

CSR and sustainability goals: 

Under its Corporate Social Responsibility, Suzlon has two models ‘SUSZTAIN’ and Suzlon Foundation. The activities are concentrated in the immediate neighborhoods.  The CSR mission has a holistic understanding of the company’s business model. Their four main goals are: 

  • Having minimal impact on the natural environment.
  • Enabling local communities to develop their potential.
  • Empowering employees to be responsible civil society members.
  • Committing ourselves to ethical business practices that are fair to all the stakeholders.

SUSZTAIN:  A unique approach to inculcate all stakeholders to work together in planning, implementing, monitoring and sustaining village-level sustainable development interventions. The ‘Engage-Empower-Sustain’ principles are in alignment with UNs Sustainable Development Goals. 

Suzlon Foundation:  Established in December 2007, this autonomous body ensures integration of sustainability across the company’s business operations. To date, it is creating an impact in 800 villages and helping 183308 families across India. 

Suzlon One Earth, by the company, is one of the greenest corporate campuses in the world. the building is LEED Platinum and GRIHA 5 – star certified. The company has received about 7 awards from 2011-2017 for its contribution to sustainable energy.

awards by suzlon

Sustainability at Suzlon refers to sustainable development, defined as development that ‘meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’ 

The company not only wants to work towards achieving sustainable development but also towards ending poverty, food security, education, gender equality, water-energy access, infrastructure, employment, reduce inequalities, influence production patterns, combat and mitigate climate change, as well as promote inclusive societies. For leaving a better and green planet for the future generation, Suzlon wants to add economic, social and environmental value through their business operations. 

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