The fashion industry is one of the growing industries in today’s time. It is changing the world view in every possible way. Whether it is teens, youth, or adults, everyone is in the race to look trendy and fashionable because of the effect of the fast fashion industry.

Sustainability in fashion comes as a savior here. Sustainability takes environment-friendly steps into consideration for the formation of the garment or clothes. Unlike fast fashion, it focuses on the quality and long-lasting capability of clothes.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion refers to those garments that are made up of in a mindful way, not creating any environmental issues like fast fashion.

Suscin promoting sustainability
Suscin- a sustainable brand

Sustainability in fashion:

Sustainability in fashion helps to break down the cycle that fast fashion has created. In fast fashion uses low-quality materials to make the clothes. These clothes are then available in the market for cheaper prices. It makes people buy them consciously or unconsciously. Where else, Sustainable fashion uses standard fabrics to make good quality clothes. Suscin is promoting sustainability through fashion.

Features of sustainable fashion-Suscin clothing

Fewer emissions of carbon dioxide during garments formation.

Water wastage is low.

Chemicals are not used for coloring clothes.

Longevity and durability of the clothing.

Why do we need sustainability in fashion?

Sustainability in fashion ensures to have a less negative impact on Earth’s environment. It is promoting slow fashion, providing a sustainable lifestyle to people.

On the other hand, fast fashion, as the name shows, changes very quickly. The item which is in trend today will not have the same impact tomorrow. Every single day new trend forms. The young generation, being the most affected by this trend, falls into the trap and spends millions on shopping.

  • The fast fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of water in the whole world. 1 cotton shirt uses 700 gallons of water. 
  • Textile dyeing is the second-largest polluter of water.
  • The industry is responsible for 10% of carbon emissions produced worldwide.
  • 1.7 million microfibers end up disposing of in the ocean every year.

Above are some of the impacts of fast fashion on the world. The list is quite huge. But sustainability in fashion prevents these issues. It takes a mindful way to create garments that are in sync with the environment and fashion.

The way forward for sustainable fashion-

Suscin clothingSlow fashion supporting sustainability is the best alternative to fast fashion. As per slow fashion, the high-quality fabrics and materials give these clothes a longer lifeline. 

Slow fashion clothes even follow the zero-waste concept. The brands like Suscin promoting sustainability and slow fashion uses materials that further can be reused and recycled. Hence, the fast-fashion impacts will be lessened eventually.

When doing your shopping, you only need to focus on some points.

  • Firstly see the clothes you are selecting.
  • Check out the materials used for making it.
  • Research if it is easily decomposable or not.
  • The dress is evergreen or not, etc.

By focusing on these questions, you can buy sustainable clothes.

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