Greenjams infrastructure founded by Tarun Jami is changing the Indian construction industry with sustainable replacements.

Founder Tarun Jami of Greenjams Infrastructure LLP, a construction startup with a focus on bio-aggregate building materials is aiming to change the methods of construction. All of us are generally aware of the common factors that are causing climate change in the country. But, many times are subconscious and involuntary actions are also equally harmful.

Urbanization is on a rampant spree around the world. There have been heavy constructions everywhere we see. Now, the building of infrastructure majorly uses cement. If we look closely into this cement, is a massive contributor to the process of destruction of the climate. Mining activities in the quarries lead to extracting raw materials for cement. Further, the process of calcination releases massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. The level of emissions from cement or concrete is way par the acceptable levels. 

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The foundation of GreenJams:

In 2014, a curious mind of a civil engineering student, Tarun Jami, laid his mind on the properties of a building material made of cannabis, Hempcrete. Its properties of carbon negativity and thermal capabilities were intriguing for him. According to GreenJams, “The emissions of the built environment were enormous, contributing to 40% of the global carbon emissions and 90% of the buildings required by 2030 were yet to be constructed.”

Tarun started experimenting with the possibilities of the product. He surely failed a few times but kept on with his research work. For his post-grad degree, in 2016, Tarun opted for environmental science so he could dig deeper into this topic. 

He established GreenJams Infrastructures in 2017 with the help of his father and brother Varun in different operations. The cleantech firm is based out of Roorkee and Visakhapatnam. By 2019, Tarun was successful in creating a strong Hempcrete technology. They also tried to find a low-carbon replacement for Portland cement. The product was termed ‘BINDR’.

This was not the only problem that Tarun aimed at eliminating. While visiting Delhi, he also stumbled upon the dangers of stubble or crop-residue burning. Tarun was eager to look into the solution to this too. 


As a solution to the above problems, in 2019, Tarun was successful in creating ‘Agrocrete.’ With Agrocrete, Taun Jami set on a vision to decarbonize the environment with this mix of agricultural residue and industrial by-products. Talking about the built part, Agrocrete has 50% lower construction cost, 50% higher thermal insulation, 30% lesser weight. The site also has a variety of these kinds of blocks. There are solid blocks, hollow blocks and plaster. 

An Agrocrete wall
An Agrocrete wall


“The quality of masonry, finishing and speed of construction is great with Agrocrete®. The bonding with mortar too is excellent. We were able to finish construction in 4 days instead of the 10-11 days it would take for red bricks. I would want to work with Agrocrete® in the future.”
– says, Bijander Kumar, a mason.
Tarun Jami
Bijander Kumar with another mason working on a wall


The company makes BINDR as a replacement for Portland cement. Its best use is for masonry mortar and plaster. According to GreenJams, it is “the secret sauce behind the success of Agrocrete®”. As these are made by 100% up-cycling materials, the produce gives out 80% fewer carbon emissions. Other features of the BINDR are that it gives excellent bonding, is non-toxic, gains strength quickly and absorbs less water comparatively.

Hempcrete OR HempBloc:

Why are cannabis or hemp still banned in India is a big question. There have been exemplary researches to prove the various benefits of hemp products. Hemp stalks that are used by nobody and generally discarded are used to produce these blocks. Mixing the stalks with BINDR, creates the strongest and most sustainable blocks. These blocks can be used in between non-loadbearing walls as they have proved to be the best to provide superior thermal insulation and are low-weight.

A hempcrete block Tarun Jami
A hempcrete block

Tarun has used these materials to build an extension to his office space, for a manufacturing unit at Roorkee.

 Tarun says, “We built it for Rs 1.95 lakh, as against the Rs 5.5 lakh that would have been required if we used conventional materials,” 

Using big blocks and for an easy and clean finish, it took them only 4 days to complete the construction process. Also, the structure captured 3.1 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which makes it a carbon-negative structure.  

This new venture of Tarun Jami is doing really well and has also been selected for the MassChallenge Switzerland 2021 Accelerator Programme.

Tarun believes that it is high time that we stop damaging the environment.

“We need to start thinking in terms of life cycle impacts and find alternatives beyond the concepts of the circular and linear economy,” he adds. 

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