We are all familiar with the term “necessity is the mother of all innovation”. For Aishwarya Ravi, this rather proved to be her story. A mother turned entrepreneur, her story is one worth reading. After utilizing over-the-counter goods like shampoos and soaps for her baby. In 2015,  Aishwarya Ravi’s infant got skin rashes. Her daughter’s skin was reacting badly to the creams, despite the fact that they were intended for newborn babies.

Aishwarya inspired by her situation decided to sell her concept ( source )

Aishwarya was quite worried about these rashes and immediately consulted a pediatrician. The doctors advised her to immediately stop using these “off the shelf” products. It was quite obvious some ingredient or chemical was showing its adverse effects. The products in general are aggressive and made up of commercial ingredients.

She shifted to using homemade means and measures. Aishwarya knew while these measures are effective they aren’t a permanent solution. Thus, was laid the roots of what was going to become a successful venture.

Starting off with better products

Aishwarya was influenced and turned to decades-old methods being used in her family. Using besan, flour, and other nature-based products to cater to her child’s sanitary needs. These products had a surprisingly effective and subtle effect. Completely soft on the skin and made the skin better.

Nature based cosmetics

Listening to the advice by her elders she employed these old methods. The results were greatly impressive and effective. This inspired Aishwarya to make soaps and shampoos using these methods for the adults in the house. She started making cosmetics and shampoos at home and actively shared them with friends and family. The response was overwhelmingly impressive, This inspired her to look at the business side of this concept.

Aishwarya Ravi soon decided to sell these products initially on a small scale.

The success

She launched a Facebook page called Nature’s Destiny with her close friend Harini Sukumaran and began advertising her creations there. At first, only bar and liquid soaps were offered. Aishwarya would create the products and package them, while Haarini would promote and deliver them to customers. By 2018, the duo had received a large number of orders and had employed four people to assist them with the production process.

Some products offered by “nature’s destiny” ( source )

Priced genuinely and still true to the natural roots. The brand has become quite a success with a strong customer base of 750 people and ever-increasing. They offer a wide variety of 65+ nature-based self-care products and are always expanding their horizons. A successful remedy turned venture, Aishwarya Ravi used nature in her favor and became an entrepreneur.

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