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Rajpal Singh Gandhi is a former Tax consultant based in Bangha, Punjab. He is credited with popularising stevia farming and creating a market for it in India.. He has also worked with the state governments of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh to train hundreds of local farmers. All of his accomplishments can be traced back to his difficult beginning

When Rajpal Singh switched over to Agriculture, he didn’t have an easy start. His early years were characterized by financial setbacks and crop failures.. He tried to cultivate potatoes and other vegetable produces, but nothing seemed to work for him. Where any other person might have given up, Rajpal Singh prepared for yet another new start. Rajpal dedicated all his resources and time to research on a new start. Finally he kept at it and decided to give another shot at farming, this time focusing on a plant called “stevia”.

Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh felicitates Rajpal with ‘Tamra Patra’ award for his contribution in agriculture on the occasion of 550th Guru Nanak Jayanti.

his efforts:

Rajpal Singh is without a doubt responsible for creating a domestic market for stevia leaves. Initially he had to look at foreign markets due to the lack of domestic demand. Countries like USA and Canada proved to be good market for the sweetener. Stevia leaves are a popular sweetener in countries like Japan, with over 70% population using it. He offers stevia leaves, powder, and other value-added goods such as tabletop sweetener, ‘cheeni kum,’ and herbal infusions to businesses and individuals under the name ‘Green Valley Stevia.’

The natural sweetening qualities of stevia leaves are well-known.

Cheeni Kum

Stevia is a natural plant that by nature has fewer requirements to bloom and grow. In the 15-year life cycle of this plant, it can be picked every three months. Eco-friendly in nature stevia also has anti-bacterial properties. It can generate up to 4 times more income for farmers with proper training techniques. Compared to a 30,000 INR profit per acre for paddy, Stevia can generate 1,20,000 INR profit per acre. Rajpal Singh has trained more than 500 farmers who benefit extensively from this “sweet” plant.

Rajpal has received several awards for his efforts to increase farmer incomes and bring stevia-based products into the mainstream, including the Indian Food and Agriculture Council’s Agribusiness Award (2018), the state government’s Parman Patra (2014, 2015), and Dr. M.S. Swaminathan’s “National Farming Leadership” award.

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