the everlasting menace; plastic

Plastic has seeped its way into daily use faster and deeper than any other commodity. The use of this material is widespread from consumer based to large-scale industrial applications. Around 25,940 tonnes per day (TPD) of plastic waste is generated in India. An estimated 6.92% of the municipal solid waste (MSW) in the country comprises plastic waste. Approximately 79% of this massive plastic waste misses out on being recycled and piles up in our environment. Statistics as per an assessment by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Bioplastic and its counterparts on the other side are still non-conventional.

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Plastic Waste

In India, alone, of the 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste generated every day, 40% remains littered and uncollected. While the problems associated with plastics are massive and ever growing.

An indigenous firm based in Gurgaon perhaps has a solution to this global problem.

Hi-Tech International, A firm with a solution

Hi-Tech International, based in Gurugram and co-founded by brothers Mukul and Siddharth Sareen, produces Dr. Bio, a plant-based biopolymer.

This bio-compostable plastic, according to the company, will disintegrate into the soil. Dr. Bio, the brothers’ hope, can eventually be used to replace single-use and multi-use plastic products such as bottles, straws, cups, disposable cutlery, polybags, and other single-use and multi-use plastic products with bio-compostable plastic.

These single use plastics comprise the majority of the plastic waste generated. The recent government ban on plastic based single used products saw a major dip in their consumption. This creates a golden opportunity and chance for the products being developed by Hi-Tech international.

Co-founders brothers Mukul and Siddharth Sareen

Hi-Tech is the country’s first company to produce plant-based biopolymer. The Institute of Petrochemicals Technology has approved their latest addition, Dr. Bio (formerly known as Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology or CIPET).

The roots and journey to Dr. bio

The company has grown from three employees to over 1100 employees across seven production units in India and one joint venture in the United States.

Starting in 2003, The company has roots in industries like agriculture, packaging etc. Owing to their incredible success and experience, the company is hailed at the forefront of the fight against plastic, is their latest product.  Dr. Bio, comprised of compostable polymer films and compostable polymer resins. They are making bioplastic granules from which various products can be made like bioplastic films, cutlery, disposables, etc.

The government of India has laid down strict norms against plastic waste production. Owing to their expertise and experience Hi-Tech became the second venture to gain the  EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) registration. The company believes in national interests. It is advisable to cut back on foreign dependency on bioplastic technology. Local production provides greater reliability and end-user experience.

The product and the expanding influence

Their current biodegradable bioplastics manufacturing capacity is roughly 8,000 tonnes per year. They plan to expand it to roughly 21,000 tonnes per year by January 2022. Dr Bio is being sold to e-commerce companies for their mailer composter bags and cosmetic companies for compostable bottling both abroad and in India.

Dr. Bio food safe compostable packaging

Dr. Bio is a versatile bioplastic in nature with almost equal tensile strength to normal plastic. The best part about this product is that user wont know the difference. Almost same as normal plastic end users would not have to adapt. Owing to the recent govt. bans and the compostable nature of this product. Dr. Bio may indeed be the environment friendly solution to a lot of existing products present.

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