Girish Bharadwaj, Bridging the gap

India is a big country drenched in its rich culture. 1.2 billion people call themselves Indian and prosper in our country. The magnitude of cultures and population makes our nation grand. Most of the population of our country resides and thrives in rural India. These people even though the majority are devoid of infrastructure and resources. While government not denying help doesn’t provide it on time or in proper conditions. In these conditions, one man Girish Bharadwaj decided to take it upon himself. He decided even if he is one single man, he will bridge our country together.

Girish Bharadwaj

A mechanical engineer by profession Girish found his own way to help the people. Many rural places in India are surrounded by rivers that cut them off from other places. Most of these rivers are often perilous and contain rapid waters. A reliable bridge in this situation proves to be a lifeline for these people.

“Let’s build bridges, not walls.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Girish Bharadwaj

Bridge by Girish Bharadwaj

The first bridge

Girish Bharadwaj- The Bridgeman

Hailing from Aramboor, Karnatka he was always hailed as the village engineer. The monsoons in Aramboor are intense and often the river becomes unpredictable. This was a plaguing problem for the villagers and found themselves stranded on one side. As always they approached Girish with their problems.

They put their trust and faith in Girish and knew he was the right man for this problem. Not even budget problems could waiver his dedication and will. In 1989, through sheer community effort and dedication, they finally laid a bridge. This bridge, a brainchild of Girish not only connected the land but also the people. Designed and researched upon by him along with some other inputs, it proved itself. Costing only Rs. 1 Lakh it was India’s first 97 metre hanging bridge.

To this day Girish Bharadwaj has laid down 147 bridges and counting. Earning him the title of “the bridgeman of India”

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