Why do you think sustainable fashion is the way forward for the fashion industry? 

The situation of the fashion industry:

Since the globalization of the world markets, there has been an immense rise in the fashion industry too. The increasing global trends, the ‘wear it for the gram culture’ and cheap accessibility is ruining it for the planet. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluting industry in the world. Since the advent of fast fashion, it has been ruining things ecologically, economically and socially for the planet.

fast fashion
Fast fashion industry

Using tons of natural resources in the production stage, creating huge spending without actual income and unsafe/ derogatory working standards for the textile workers. There is also abundant waste generated once the pieces are discarded. Every second garbage truck full of textiles ends up in landfills.

Majorly third world countries are the first to get affected by this. But eventually, it would affect the climate of the entire globe. 

Why sustainable fashion?

To counter the world of a fast-fashion one might generally think of adopting slow fashion. But to create a more wide-scale and steady impact, sustainability is the need of the hour. But still, we need more proof to answer our question, why sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion aims at changing the fashion industry. It fosters the culture of prolonged use of resources, better working standards and less discharge of waste.

Dr. Rachel Matthews, Head of Fashion at the Australian College of the Arts, believes that “Sustainability in fashion is becoming the way forward for people who still want to engage with fashion but don’t want to cause more problems for the planet.”

The concept of ‘sustainable fashion’ is not very well defined. It is used more often as an umbrella term for concepts like slow, eco, circular or green fashion. Clothes or fashion that is consumed keeping in mind the environmental and social factors. Sustainability can be achieved by both, the brands as well as consumers. Only active and woke sustainability in fashionparticipation from both sides, equally, is going to help the world achieve this feat. 

The global fashion industry has steered a long way from its tracks and the destruction is vary. We can achieve this with the help of sustainable fashion goals.

Goals for sustainable fashion:

Let’s start right at the production stage. The building unit of clothes is fabrics. It is important for brands to source fabrics that are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Sustainable fashion uses hemp, soy, bamboo like products to make their fabric. These fabrics don’t use up major resources and are immensely sustainable. Unlike cotton and polyester that take up years in landfills. This also aims at solving the problem of microplastics to a great extent. As they are easier to grow it has also generated employment opportunities for many. 

As brands, they should invest in constant research and development about such raw products. Such brands follow ethical practices like the transparency that encourage more consumers to join them. Brands should avoid green-washing, so as to help consumers make the right choices. 

Consumers are the ultimate decision-makers here, they can make or break this initiative. With the right knowledge, a conscious consumer would know very well what to look for. If consumers could stop and make brands notice their wrongdoings it can be an accelerating force.

“The consumer needs to recognize that they’ve got quite a lot of power in this space. They’ve got the power to shift the dial – if they ask the questions if they push back and demand – and brands are responding,” says Dr. Rachel.

sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion

Sustainable, environmental positives:

Sustainability is economically sound as it encourages a circular economy. This helps to minimize waste to the maximum capacity. In fast fashion, the cheap availability can encourage massive and unnecessary spending on low-quality clothes.  

Environmentally, it has the most benefits. Less water, almost nil pollution of water and land, reducing transportation emissions and way minimal garbage generation are some of the features of sustainable fashion. 


Overall, sustainable fashion has a ton of advantages. It prioritizes quality over quantity. As it is less stressful on the environment and vegan, it makes consumption guilt-free. Socially rewarding for not only brands but also consumers. 

features of sustainable fashion
Features of sustainable fashion

There might be some hurdles to sustainable fashion. Advanced changes are necessary to upgrade the future potentialities of sustainable fashion. Hope these reasons were sound enough to answer the pertinent question of ‘why sustainable fashion?’ and overall active consciousness is necessary.   

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