Himani Bundela was born and raised in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. A teacher by profession she teaches Maths in a government school in Agra city. This story of this simple woman isn’t so simple and is an inspiration to many.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.”

– Helen Keller

Himani Bundela celebrating after winning the game.

Himani always had a knack for quizzes and saw KBC for the first time when she was 9 years old. A cheerful kid she used to imitate the show with her friends. It was always a dream for her to sit across Amitabh Bachan.

Her life took a dramatic turn when she turned 15. In 2011 Himani fell victim to an accident and lost her vision.

Her sudden accident took her vision and most importantly her cheerful spirit. The next few months were dismal to her as she tried to adapt to her new life.

“There was never a smile on my face, and those six months were horrible. But I did not lose all hope, my family stood by me and helped me complete my schooling.” She said in an interview with the Josh Talks.

She spent the next 6 months fighting her depression. She completed her schooling following the close support of her parents and decided to never give up. Himani was hellbent on continuing her education applied to many institutions but was always rejected owing to her disability.

Himani Bundela
Himani Bundela

Turning Point

Dejected from being rejected owing to her disabilities she never lost her renewed will. The turning point for her came when she came across Dr. Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. An environment where people both with and without disabilities studied together.

DSRMN University

An environment like that helps her come out of her shell and make friends. Getting selected there changed her life and she completed her Bachelor’s.

Himani Bundela completed her undergraduate education. Her time at the Dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University made her a stronger person. She started her career as a teacher at a government school in Agra and taught with passion.

A dream come true

Throughout her life, she never gave up on the dream she once saw as a child. Himani continued to explore her interests in “Kaun Banega crorepati” and applied for the 13th season of the show. Against all odds, her dreams came true when she was selected. Now closer than ever to her dream to sit across Amitabh Bachan she focused herself.

Himani Bundela
Himani Bundela on KBC season 13

Nervous and excited she contained herself and prepared for the fastest finger first round. Propelled by her goals to support her family and stand-in for the disabled community she answered 17 questions. Her personality to never give up was evident that she took on every question with sheer confidence.

She remarked how surreal it felt to sit across her hero Amitabh Bachan. She further remembered how comfortable and confident he made her feel throughout the whole run. She took on the show till the 7 crores worth question but couldn’t answer it correctly.

The first crorepati of the 13th run of the show she took back with herself a remarkable experience in addition to the prize money.

Her Ideals

When questioned about what she would do with the prize money she earned she gave a heartwarming reply. She said she would start a new business to support her family financially and open a tuition canter for disabled children.

Owing to her own personal experiences she knows the plight of disabled children. Even though there are a lot of institutions that take in disabled children there is no coaching for them regarding competitive examinations. She hopes to open and run a specially designated coaching centre for this very purpose. 

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