Ganesh Chaturthi; The festival of Lord Ganesha

People celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi across the country with high zeal and spirits. This festival has long roots and even bigger participation, especially in Maharashtra. While the festival has not lost its touch with the thousand years of its practice things have changed a bit. Many gather and bask in the glory of Lord Ganesha.

Ganesha Chaturti
Millions of idols are made for the zealous festival of “Ganesh Chaturthi”

In past, all the materials used in the festival were processed naturally. Looking at the current scale and participation of the festival it is not hard to understand the current situation. It is no longer possible to sustain the pilgrimage of millions from natural resources. Materials like Plaster of Paris and thermocol have taken over clay and other natural materials. The idol the most important centerpiece of the whole ceremony is made vibrant and colorful. 

These idols are made with toxic colors and non-natural elements. Unlike the glory of their creation, the ending story of these idols is a complete contrast.

Tripti Gaikwad and her noble realization

Tripti Gaikwad a resident of Nashik had her unique moment of realization during one Ganesh Chaturthi. Every year, devotees submerge millions of idols in water during the culmination of the festival. Though not a new practice but the change in the construction materials is surely a new problem.

Tripti Gaikwad
Tripti Gaikwad

She lives near the Godavari river and once saw a man submerging idol frames. Tripti stopped him and convinced him to recycle the wood and paper. This is the moment she realized how and what can be the unique solution to this “holy” problem.

Tripti laid the foundation for ‘Sampurnam’ with the financial help of her father. An advocate by profession she realized how great results can be borne by convincing people to recycle these. Sampurnam set on a unique mission got an overwhelming response in the first week. This was all the motivation Tripti was looking for and thus began her noble journey. 

Sampurnam, a noble endeavor

What started as a recycling cause has become a whole mission. People are sending them materials from all around and rallying support. Tripti leading a team of 25 volunteers and workers is turning the cause into a reality.

Upcycled productions by “Sampurnam”

Upcycled productions by “Sampurnam”

People can donate their unneeded religious waste at just 50 Rupees. This cost includes all the processing and delivery fees. Some people even donate for this cause and order the upcycled products as well. The foundation turns old and wastes PoP (plaster of Paris) from idols into toys and bowls. These toys are then provided to underprivileged children. Whereas the use of these bowls is to feed the stray animals.

The throughout noble and environment-friendly nature of this process makes it really unique. She uses frames from old idols to make Birdhouses and colored brightly. Sometimes these frames are also sent to a recycler tied up with them.

Tripti turned what was an ignored problem into a wholesome project of hope and sustainability. 

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