Sustainable fashion:

What does sustainable fashion mean?

Sustainable fashion is the approach of creating clothes that supports ecological integrity and keeps into consideration environmental health. It is changing the way we see fashion. Fashion, in layman’s terms, is considered as being trendy and modern. One is seen as trendy when they follow every trend that comes up in the market.

But the sustainable fashion is changing this term. The sustainable fabric is slowly modifying the fashionable definition. Under its definition, one is not fashionable when he is always up to runway trends. Instead, the person who chooses its clothing consciously, understanding that sustainability matters, is the real fashion lover.

sustainability in fashion
 Sustainability in fashion and how?

Why does it matter?

In today’s time, as we see the way climate change is happening, it is an alarm. The way the environment and resources are used are all making our Earth vulnerable.

As per Statistics, one of the contributors to climate change and pollution is fast fashion. In contrast, sustainable fashion is totally different from this. It contributes towards environmental protection and safety.

Fast fashion signifies how catwalk styles move to retail stores on the same day or other. The carbon footprint, water pollution, landfill, etc., are the issues fast fashion consists of.

Besides, the fast-fashion impact also reflects on human lives.

Other problems-

  • The low wage is the leading issue of required fast fashion.
  • Polyester is used as a material in the formation of fabric that ends up being in landfills. It takes millions of years to decompose.
  • Jackets and other fast fabrics consume so much water in their making process.
  • Every 6 out of 10 people work in the garment formation industry. Only 2 of them get a good wage and are able to have a better lifestyle.
    fast fashion infographic
    Fast fashion by numbers
  • The fashion industry has poor working conditions, plus the wages are way too low. The profit it makes is not shared with workers.
  • Chemical dyes color the fabric. When the clothes go for washing, the chemical mixes with water and further disposes into the river.


How sustainable fashion stands out from the fast fashion crowd?

Sustainable fashion focus on the criteria that fast fashion ignores. It brings a sustainability approach to the picture. It is providing fashion to people without hurting the environment.

As per Statistics, one of the contributors to climate change and pollution is fast fashion. In contrast, sustainable fashion is totally different from this. It contributes towards environmental protection and safety.

3R Rule

Sustainable clothing follows the 3R rule. The 3R is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In one place, where fast fashion clothes go into landfills, the sustainable fabric follows reuse and recycling. It makes the clothes waste less. When one buys fast-fashion clothes, they only wear them for 3-4 days and then move to another trend.

Fast-fashion clothes add up in garment waste in large numbers. The main issue here is the way those fabrics are made. Fast fashion fabrics have low-quality materials, polyester, and chemical dyes associated with their formation.

So, firstly these clothes are not durable, so people buy them but cannot use them for long. When it goes into waste due to bad and harmful raw materials, recycling also becomes impossible.

3Rs of sustainability:


Reduction means reducing waste production in the first place. It signifies that we need to reduce the number of clothes one buys. Due to fast fashion and social media influence, one buys way too many clothes that they even do not wear. Buying clothes to show off or posting pics in that dress on social media is not good.

When doing shopping,  everyone should make environmentally conscious decisions. Consuming everything from social media and incorporating that in life does not make sense. One should buy clothes when they are needed, not to follow trends. If everyone starts questioning themselves during shopping, that do I really need this fabric right now, will actually make things sorted.


Reuse signifies the importance of using things again for different purposes. Imagine you have bought a shirt, you used it very well. Now when it is old, instead of throwing it in waste, you can reuse it.

Wondering how? Well, there are plenty of ways to do that. You can use that shirt for cleaning purposes like cleaning the floor or to grab hot utensils. You can resell that shirt on different platforms like eBay.

Donating the clothes is also a great option that you can opt for. You can take that shirt and can donate it to an orphanage or old age home. The clothes that are not useful for you can reuse in various ways. You can choose any way that suits you.


Recycling means converting one thing into another when its life span is about to end. When the clothes life period has an end, it goes into a recycling center. There the clothes get transformed into new clothes or any other stuff and again comes into the market. People then again can buy them, and the cycle continues like this.

The sustainable fabric consists of high-quality materials. Hence, it has a very long life span, resulting in it getting recycled again and again. Hence, these fabrics do not go to waste immediately like fast fashion.

If you are still wondering about joining sustainable fashion, then look out to the below points.

Why should you join sustainable fashion?

Less waste:

Sustainable fashion produces less or, says, zero waste. The clothes are being of high quality, so they can be recycled various times.

Promotes animal protection:

The sustainable fabric uses human-made fibers, bamboo, etc., materials to make clothes. Unlike fast fashion, sustainable clothing does not use animals for any purpose.

Fair wages:

sustainable fashion
Favorable fashion options

The sustainable fashion industry provides better wages and working conditions to the workers. Fast fashion, however, very cunningly offers a higher amount of clothes into the market at a competitive price. But it costs workers fewer wages and poor working conditions.

On the other hand, Sustainable fashion promotes workers’ equality.

Develops personalized fashion:

With sustainable clothing, one can create a personalized style. The clothes being of high quality and standard gives an exquisite look plus elegance to people.


Sustainable fashion is the need of the hour. It matters the most in today’s world. We, as humans, are responsible for our actions. Keeping the environment safe and secure is our duty. Sustainability in fashion is one of the ways by which we can do this.

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