The transport sector is heavily responsible for around one quarter of all energy-related greenhouse gases emissions. The burning of fossil fuels is one prominent cause of heavy air pollution not only in urban but also in rural areas.

Many moderations in transport are possible to minimize its negative impact on the environment. Reducing the use of private transport and switching to public ones, carpooling, opting for electric vehicles to reduce combustion. 

Electric vehicles are powered by a collector system, with electricity from extravehicular sources, usually by a battery, sometimes charged by solar panels or by stored electricity. In the 21st century, various technological developments and increased important shifts towards renewable energy have shown a resurgence in the popularity of EVs. 

Companies around the world have come up with options for pure EVs as well as hybrid ones. Tesla, Hero Electric, Tata Motors, Ather energy, BYD Olectra are some of the brands popular in the business. 

Mahindra Electric: 

Mahindra Electric
Mahindra Electric logo

Formerly known as Reva Electric Car Company, Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited is a Bangalore-based company that engages itself in designing and manufacturing compact electric vehicles. This 27-year-old, under the parent company Mahindra& Mahindra, has flourished over years.  


Chetan Maini found Reva Electric Car Company(REVV) in 1994 to develop and produce an affordable compact electric car. 

On 26 May 2010, Mahindra & Mahindra, India’s largest sports utility vehicles and tractor maker bought a 55.2% controlling stake in REVA. This deal led to several alterations like renaming the company to Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited. The management changed and even their previous collaborator General Motors, pulled out of the tie-up due to the ownership change. 

In 2016, the company was rebranded as Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd. This expresses their intent of producing vehicles, with also developing powertrains and integrated mobility solutions. 


Mahindra E20 Plus: A zippy, compact and 100% electric car, built perfectly for an everyday city drive. This convenient, cost-effective ride is kinder to the environment with zero tailpipe emission, low carbon footprint, its easy to cool with an advanced battery technology. 

eVerito: Launched in 2016, it was India’s very first electric sedan. A yet again advanced and cost-effective model, it’s a spacious environment-friendly vehicle. 

eSupro: Mahindra’s first 8-seater electric with Lithium-ion batteries, electric drive motor, zero drive emissions and home charging option. 

Treo series: A revolutionary new range of electric autos, e-rickshaws and cargo version launched by Mahindra in Nov 2018. The Treo, Treo Yaari and Treo Zor are all powered by Lithium-ion technology. These models offer higher savings, superior ride quality, best-in-class interior while cutting back on emissions. 

Mahindra Electric products
Range of Mahindra Electric products

Mission & Vision: 

As the company kept on growing, they intended to make a mark for shared electric mobility responsibility. Being the pioneers of electric vehicle technology in the country,- 

“Our mission is to bring tomorrow’s movement, today. We have a wide variety of electric vehicles, and will be increasing this range even further, under the brand – Mahindra Electric. Our products span personal and commercial segments and are designed to support the new paradigm of shared, electric and connected mobility.” 

Mahindra Electric’s vision reflects: “ Rebranded Mahindra Electric Mobility, the company exemplifies the Mahindra Group’s vision of the Future of Mobility – a sustainable automotive ecosystem that brings mobility solutions to customers across the world.” 

Spark the new:

In Jan 2020, the company announced a new corporate brand identity. They also came up with a new logo and tagline- ‘Spark the New’. Through this transformed identity, the brand means to give a new identity with a renewed thrust to achieve its global ambition of being a leader in electric mobility technological solutions. 

The launch also signified the brands’ achievement of completing over 200 million electric kilometers by Mahindra EVs on Indian roads. This feat alone has helped save over 22,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions in India.

spark the new
Mahindra Electric- spark the new

The company also expressed its idea of being a leading brand in enabling customized electric mobility solutions. They hope to achieve this with cutting-edge technology for OEMs across the globe. 

 “Our new identity truly recognizes the essence of ‘Mahindra Electric’ and there are no better words to capture this than ‘Spark The New’. These powerful words resonate not just with us at Mahindra Electric, but are a clarion call for everyone to join the movement towards sustainable mobility.”  


Mahindra Electric hopes to expand its idea of what a sustainable travel option should look like. They have been continuously researching and developing to achieve carbon negativity through their product. 

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