The Humane Society International estimates that annually 1,00,000- 2,00,000 animals are experimented on for cosmetics testing. Animal cruelty in the beauty industry is beyond our imagination. 

These beauty or self-care products are often full of chemicals that are harmful to the skin in the long run rather than helping it. As compared to these chemical-laden products it is more important to switch to vegan, organic and cruelty-free products.

Even while using any of these products we need to keep in mind the wastefulness and make moderations to our lifestyle according to the same. We must recognize brands that are sustainable or make an effort to be eco-friendly. 

For a country like India that has deep roots in old cultures and traditions that encouraged natural and organic products, it is not difficult to find sustainable brands. Some of the Indian brands that are shifting their focus to following sustainable practices, ingredients and packaging are  Pahadi Local, L’Occitane, Forest Essentials, Bare Necessities, Tata Harper, etc. These brands provide great options for wonderful and eco-friendly skincare, hair care and wellness products. 

One such sustainability enabling beauty brand is RawNature. 


RawNature, a line of high-performing grooming essentials that harnesses nature’s finest ingredients. All ingredients that the brand uses are either 100% natural, naturally derived, vegan or certified safe-to-use. The brand makes conscious efforts to screen each ingredient to ensure safety to skin, hair and the environment. They also aim to deliver the next-generation grooming essentials with high performance and safety. 

Their products also don’t contain any kind of animal by-products or animal-based ingredients; never carry tests on animals. The fact that their ingredients are clean, plant-based and purely formulated ensure real and long-lasting results. 

RawNature logo
RawNature logo


RawNature co-founder, Sangeeta Desai despite her disability and challenges has shown her entrepreneurial spirit and grit. With one functional hand, Sangeeta was able to manage a fashion designing career for 25 years. She decided to switch lanes and joined her father’s essential oils business. 

Later Sangeeta decided to couple her knowledge of aesthetics, natural essential oils and business management. In 2017, she finally launched the RawNature Company. 

Co-founders Sangeeta Desai and Mohit Saxena were able to harness the curing powers and ancient techniques to provide their products. 

Sustainability practices:    

The brand is a PETA-Certified Vegan  & Cruelty-Free brand. Their grooming products are kinder not only to the human skin and hair but also to animals and the environment at large.

The products are also formulated without the help of parabens, petrolatum, ethoxylates, silicones, artificial colours, artificial fragrances and other similar chemicals. This helps in reducing not only damage to the skin and hair but there is also a reduction in toxic emissions.

The ulterior motive of the brand relies on creating a community that has a united sense of responsibility towards the environment. 


The brand is also one of a kind to specifically cater to vegan and natural skincare for men, a niche that many often ignore.  

For the wide variety of eco-friendly products, they have various varieties. Like face washes and face masks for the face. Oils, wax and shampoos for the hair. Lotions, moisturizers, creams for the skin. Other products include beard oils, body washes and other kinds of daily essentials.

RawNature products
RawNature products


We are committed to producing the purest and highest performing grooming products, and to promote clean, healthier living. 

To meet the brand’s approval and quality check their raw materials and products have to go through several steps. 

In the first step, they test each ingredient individually to ensure there are no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers used on the raw ingredient.

Secondly, they conduct tests to determine the cohesiveness of ingredients as if they work well together or not. 

In the third step, the actual working of the formula is tested on how well it works for the work it has been designed to.

Fourthly, the solutions go under all kinds of tests to check safety for skin, hair and also the environment. 

In the fifth step, the synergy between the final formula and the packaging material and packaging is ensured.  At the last stage, they conduct the formula stability for the final products.

Being eco-friendly

The brand has made conscious efforts for eliminating chemicals that are harmful to the skin, hair and environment from their production. Rather they have opted for botanical ingredients that offer better care. Since all the organic products are easily degradable, they don’t leave behind residues and remain environment-friendly, it is beneficial to both the customers as well as nature.  

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