13-year-old invented the washing machine that can recycle soap water

In today’s time, water is quite limited. Freshwater is very present in only some fractions of Earth. The water cover on Earth is 70% of the surface. Out of which, only 2.5% is fresh. Even from that 2.5%, we have easy access to only 1% of freshwater. Activities like washing and cleaning waste a lot of water. Soap water is one of the main pollutants found in natural water sources.

These facts show that freshwater availability is quite less. The way Earth’s population is increasing and everyone wastes water without thinking, there are high chances that water will be scarce on Earth.

The same thought came into the mind of Ayushman Nayak.

Ayushman Nayak’s idea

Ayushman Nayak
Ayushman Nayak

Being a VII grade student at KIIT International School, he not only noticed the situation but came up with an innovative idea as well. He observed that the washing machine uses so much water that it ends up as waste at last.

So, he created that washing machine that uses recycled soap water for its work. He has found out 5 layer filtration process that helps in recycling and repurposing.

Ayushman was always curious about using technologies to do something good for the environment and atmosphere. He made the idea when he was just in class III.

soap water recycling

Soap water is one of the main pollutants found in natural water sources.

He formed the system of how recycled water can be used in the washing machine and created the right method that works to the point. Being a student, he put his notice to the required problem and then invented the best solution.

He also proposed his idea to the Central Government for approval. In return, the Government liked his idea and provided the intellectual property rights patent to him.

Ayushman also mentioned that he wants to be a Mechanical Engineer in the future. He wants to learn more about new technology and ideas. He wants to involve in solving daily issues people face and provide sustainable solutions.

Ayushman receiving an award
Ayushman receiving an award

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