The 3Rs and Sustainability in Fashion both are terms that have a wide viewpoint. Its definition varies from situation to situation and person to person. But the major line is that it always lurks around the idea of having a better lifestyle fulfilled without harming others in any sense.

Well, it is tough to reach sustainability because the gain of one person could also result in the loss of others and vice-versa. But we can still get a reflex way to sustain the idea. That’s what is called adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

By sustaining, we mean to create a certain pace in our living and keep tabs on it. Here comes the 3R rule of sustainability in Fashion into play. We need to follow up with these rules, bear with the change in our environment, and dilute our impact on biodiversity.

Sustainability in Fashion – 3R Rule

The 3Rs of sustainability in fashion stand for – 

  1. Reduce
    reduce, reuse, recycle
    Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle

These three terms are the principal pillars for the sustenance of this earth. Acknowledging the pace by which pollution and other human activities are degrading and overexploiting the ecosystem, if we didn’t follow this triple rule cure soon, we would be destroyed for sure in about 50 – 100 years.

How does it work?

The 3R formula is the process useful in protecting biodiversity, and it also stops us from possibly violating the environment and hence making the earth a better place to live.

The goal of this process is to make out most of the benefits from available products and to produce next to zero waste or the best minimum amount of waste possible. Plus, it also gives sideways leverages like resource-saving, pollution reduction, clean environment, and more.

  • Reduce

Reduction is the starting step in the field of sustainability in Fashion which requires minimizing and/ or preventing waste production in the first place. It is like avoiding doing things on impulse that can create waste stuff at the end.

For instance – you bought something out of excitement, and now that you don’t need it or find it important, it is going to be a wasted thing. So, it would be best if you think before buying things or even better look for second hands. It will preserve a new production from being wasted.

  • Reuse

It’s the best part of the lead; whatever it is, reuse it. Just like making out the most of the benefits possible. It is not that you have to do it yourself; you can even sell your used stuff to others who can’t afford that.

For example – if you bought something fancy earlier, but now you have got another fling, you can sell your old stuff. Or if you have any electronic stuff or some homeware that is not suiting you, you can consider selling that. It will benefit both you and the buyer.

Else you can also donate the things that you don’t use to the needy people who might be able to turn in something out of it, like your clothes. If you have old clothing that doesn’t fit you now or don’t wear them, then donate it. The reusing will do it better than being a waste.

  • Recycle

It is the last but the most important part. The waste already generated and can’t be reused in any way is what ends up in recycling. It involves re-processing the old kind and making out something new.

This part is important because it brings out the good in the waste materials and also prevents them from going to landfills. Hence, it helps in reducing the environmental impact. Efficient recycling can depend on the nature of the waste to be treated.

The waste can either be molded into its new version or changed into something else. When it comes to plastic waste, recycling is always the best-suited fit. Recycling can turn it both into its former mantle or compost. Otherwise, it could also make it into road materials useful for construction works.

A way ahead to the 3Rs of sustainability in Fashion:

After the 3R process is applied and the product is used as much as possible, the final trash left in the end can be used as a source of energy or heat. Different treatments can make the last use of the old things by transferring them into energy variants, like electricity or biogas.

3Rs of Sustainability in Fashion- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
3Rs of Sustainability in Fashion

Why is it necessary to follow the 3R rule of sustainability in Fashion?

Sustainability in Fashion always suggests taking the ultimate sustenance needs of future generations into account. We could only bet on it for the long-term effects if we sincerely follow the 3R protocol. It needs a wide framework with regular practices rather than taking up the priorities temporarily.

Industries, societies, and governments all should focus on keeping up with this triplet gold, irrespective of the short-run loss or gains. It is a primal need for both the environment and humankind that needs to be stated.

Final words on sustainability in Fashion!

With the three-layer process, it is not that hard to get along the radar system. The reduced part is mostly kept perfect, though it is easy to zone out. Then the reuse thing makes it beneficial in more ways than just one. Finally, recycling helps protect the environment.

Hence, to sustain a good, peaceful living on this earth at this stage of destruction, the 3Rs of sustainability in Fashion must be in the best interests of every being. 

3Rs of sustainable fashion
What 3Rs of sustainability mean

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