Man created hemp filled urinal with a planter that turns collected urine into water and fertilizer

When the lockdown ended, people started to live a normal or, say, unsustainable life. The activities of urinating on roads and sideways of the streets increased. It was not only making the city polluted but was not even good at the community level. Thus, the idea of GreenPee was born.

Richard De Vries, a resident of Amsterdam, noticed this scenario and thought about changing this. He thought about the situation and wanted to create something sustainable that can combat this situation plus utilize the urine. He further thought about using that urine to create something beneficial for the city.

Sustainable GreenPee

Green Pee sustainable urinal

Then he came up with the thought of making a GreenPee that is a hemp-filled sustainable urinal with a planter. The urinal despite being sustainable looks modern. It is necessary to focus on the look of the planter that will be the base of the whole system.

The planter was made so that it contains the urine and then changes into pure water. Whereas, fertilizer is prepared in the left half. The fertilizers then can act as a good source for helping farmers in agriculture. Even normally, the fertilizers that companies make contain urine as raw material.

However, the way the sustainable planter works make everything so simple and straightforward. The whole process of collecting urine, converting it into water and fertilizer happens inside the planter. The planter was placed all over Amsterdam for public use.

What is special about GreenPee?

GreenPee, the sustainable urinal, uses durable stainless steel. As GreenPee has everything inbuilt, it doesn’t need to connect with the water or sewage system. So, it means less pollution. GreenPee comes with an in-hydro system with a 30-liter reservoir that collects water.

People can urinate on the openings of GreenPee planters, which have an internal tank filled with hemp fibers made from the cannabis plant. Then the urine is converted into water and separated from the urine mixed with hemp fiber. This hemp fibre mix is the raw fertilizer. This fertilizer is ready for use in parks, roof gardens, urban farms, and other things.

GreenPee – The sustainable urinal

According to Richard, after installing 12 GreenPee sustainable urinals in Amsterdam city, the number of wild peeing cases has come down. This planter is helping in keeping the city clean and protecting the historical buildings. Further, the planters also attract insects and bees.

The GreenPee sustainable urinal is indeed a great idea. It will help the city be pollution-free and be cleaner and healthier.

Green Pee
A sustainable urinal

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