Printing is a really resource extensive process

Printer saves thousands of trees

In today’s time, deforestation practices are seen everywhere. The way humans are becoming more civilized and upgraded they have increased the urbanization process. For urbanization, cutting down trees has become a normal thing. Whether it is bigger companies or small businesses, in one way or another, for making the products, they use trees. Weeprint printers unlike all works on sustainability.

But it is time to go for sustainable ways. Trees are the lifeline of Earth. It not only provides favorable conditions to make humans exist on Earth but also offers oxygen to us. Thereby saving trees is something everyone should support.

Well, thankfully, Xavier Garcia has come up with a sustainable product that can save trees. Being from the University of Technology of Compiegne, he invented a paper-saving printer. The printer analyzes and prints only the needed parts. His printer named Weeprint has created a new way to protect and heal the planet.

Let us dive into the features of Weeprint.



The parts being used to make the printer consists of recycled and recyclable material. The principle of this printer is simple. The printer feeds on a roll of paper than single sheets like normal printers. Hence, it prints only what one will need.

For instance- whatever part you have given for printing, the printer will provide only the required amount of sheet in which that text is typed. The extra sheet is cut by the printer if not needed. It is compatible with American formats (216mm) and International formats (210mm).

How is the structure of the Weeprint Printer?

The printer-saving trees have a modular structure. Its structure makes maintenance quite easy. It is so small and hence does not take a large part of any place. One can even hang it on a wall.

Advantages of Weeprint
Advantages of Weeprint

However, Weeprint is in its prototype stage.

Every year almost 15,000 billion sheets of paper are used. This amounts to almost a million trees. But with this printer usage, we can move towards a sustainable lifestyle and life and can save the trees.

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