Being sustainable, eco-friendly, adopting green living practices is important to fight climate change and global warming. These practices can be adopted at individual levels to make constant gradual changes. 

Global companies or franchises pollute the environment on huge levels. With their high levels of packaging, large consumptions and use of resources, they are responsible for large-scale pollution too. But when these global companies or franchises take better initiatives to launch their sustainability initiatives it is bound to make a difference. 

A franchise as big as McDonald’s is pretty responsible for causing pollution in major sectors. The main ingredient in some of their famous delicacies is meat or beef mostly cooked using beef oil. McDelivery is popular among people and high amounts of plastic is being used for food and beverage packaging.  

When such global companies take active efforts to make their companies cleaner and greener it can often translate to their employees, customers and other stakeholders of the company. Let’s look at how McDonald’s a global franchise faring well in its sustainability initiatives. 

McDonald's Golden arches
McDonald’s Golden arches


An American fast-food company, founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino in California. The world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue serves in more than 100 countries. The range of products they serve is unbelievable. Right from their famous burgers and french fries to other products like wraps, chicken products, breakfast items, desserts, milkshakes, etc. Very famous for its golden arches, the company serves over 669 million customers daily. 

Its variations in outdoor and indoor seating restaurants and also various formats like the McDrive-Thru, McCafe and other gourmet services have made the brand stand out from the rest of its competitors.  

For such a big brand to remain in existence and popular for years is a community effort of the crew, farmers, suppliers, franchises and many other stakeholders. 

McDonald’s purpose & impact: 

The company believes in not only serving their customers but also their communities. They are also speaking up about their impact on these communities and how they as a global company can make a difference. They have identified the areas in which they can create a great impact.

McDonald's sustainability initiative's
McDonald’s sustainability initiative’s

Food quality & Sourcing: 

The brand looks forward to sourcing delicious and qualitative ingredients while doing it responsibly. How the food is produced and from where it is sourced are important matters for the customers. It is also important to support the farming communities that grow the ingredients. 

Food safety: Providing safe and clean food is the company’s No.1 priority.

Nutrition & marketing: Nutrition is necessary for children and families. 

Responsible Sourcing: They have substantially achieved responsible sourcing for six priority products in 2020. 

Farming communities: Successful, resilient and sustainable farming businesses across the supply chain. 

Our planet: 

“To secure a thriving food system for the future, the food industry has an opportunity – and responsibility – to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and find more sustainable ways to feed people. I’m proud of McDonald’s commitment to accelerate action and achieve the widespread adoption of more sustainable practices, even as we navigate the impact of COVID-19. Drawing on the support of our franchisees, suppliers and producers we can continue to build a more sustainable and resilient industry,” says Francesca DeBiase, Executive Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer. 

Climate action: The first global restaurant company to set a science-based target to reduce emissions in our restaurants, offices and across the supply chain. Preventing 150 million metric tons of GHG emissions by 2030, investing in renewable energy. One of their restaurants creates enough renewable energy to cover 100% of on-site needs. 

Packaging & waste: Their highlight trash, McDonald’s is now testing new packaging and recycling solutions to help reduce packaging, switching to sustainable materials and helping customers to reuse and recycle. Partnering with various solution makers for sustainable packaging. 

Sustainable agriculture & beef: The company aims to practice sustainable and regenerative farming practices, reducing GHG through the same and providing a secure livelihood for farmers. 

Water stewardship: They have partnered with the World Wildlife Fund(WWF) to prioritize water savings, water management and improved beverage services. 

Community connection: 

Their sustainability initiatives also include helping communities understand and carry through the recycling and reuse practices. 

Through the Food waste & donations campaign, they aim to work on the 2nd SDG, i.e. to achieve zero hunger. They are even working on supply chains to meet the food needs and also donating meals across the globe. 

Jobs, inclusion & empowerment:

Ethical treatment, human rights and respectful workplaces are an integral part of the McDonalds work culture. With equality, fairness and diversity as their prominent goals. 

McDonald's plastic free initiative
McDonald’s plastic-free initiative

We believe that having a positive impact in communities, while maintaining the growth and success of the McDonald’s System, is fundamental to how we operate.

That includes reporting on our environmental, social and governance (ESG) management and sharing the collective impact of our business and partners.

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