As people are looking for more sustainable ways in their lifestyle, they still obliviously tend to impact the environment. Have you ever thought your clothing choices can also put a negative effect on nature?

The cloth industries that make fabrics mainly lead to ecosystem pollution causing harm to biodiversity. Further, whenever, you buy any new clothing, homewares, or anything, the new fabric eventually ends up being a waste.

bamboo fabric
Fabric made from Bamboo

So, isn’t it better to use a new way to make sustainable clothing? At SUSCIN we do the same!

How do we get along the sustainability factor?

In our fabrics, we always account for the safety and replenishment of the environment. The best method to incorporate this idea and bring the change is to use the clothing that is made organically and comes with ample sustainability.

With this thought, we came up to line a few variants of clothing. One such clothing option is Bamboo fabric. Bamboo is the best alternative to organic cotton and is very eco-friendly. As evidenced by various searches, bamboo has created a limelight about its greatness in the textile industry. So, we began with the venture.

process of bamboo fabric
Process of making bamboo fabric

Why choose bamboo fabric for clothing?

  • The bamboo yarns are naturally smooth and soft than other fabrics and give a positive finish to the clothes. The fabric also contains the usual traits that the bamboo grasses have. It makes the stuff light, breathable, and fairly comfortable.
  • Further, it has a unique eco-friendliness attached to its luxurious looks. The bamboo grass is highly adaptable to different climates and never alters with the weather. This is the reason why softwood is easily available in most rural areas.
  • Besides making a wonderful fabric and having unusual breathing capability, the fabric also offers micro gaps and small spaces that make the cloth moisture-wicking, fast-drying, and thermal regulating.
  • One can also see it as having the soft touch of cashmere and shining off the luster of pure silk. Bamboo fabric doesn’t need any chemical treatment for softening or replenishing the shine after washing. Much to credit, the bamboo clothing also thwarts wrinkles and is cling-free.
  • Then comes the point to sustainability. When you choose bamboo clothes, they last for much longer than cotton and uses a better production method whatsoever. Its fiber development phase uses way fewer chemicals, and the outcome will give you a perfect all-day wear outfit.

Final things to bamboo fabric that will convince you to switch –

clothing made from bamboo
Bamboo fabric T-shirt

– It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

– The moisture absorption and heat ventilation insulate you from the weather.

– The fabric is made hypoallergenic irrespective of skin type.

– Is environment friendly and protects you against UV rays.

– The natural shine and softness offer comfort.

– The fabric gives a sustainable approach to long-term fashion.

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