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Being Eco-friendly

Ok! Now, let’s agree we use the term Eco-friendly quite a lot, but we still don’t know what does it mean exactly, right?

I know you would say we know. So I would like to know from you. What’s your definition and ways of achieving it in the comments section below before going through this blog. After that come back and just check were you close enough? Also, you’ll learn a lot of things about how to be eco-friendly in real life…

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, rather we borrow it from our children”

– Chief Seattle.

This ancient saying is in no way wrong; seeing the way today, our lifestyle has changed. Our lifestyle is not even close to the definition of sustainability and eco-friendliness. For now, let’s keep that a topic for some other day to discuss.

Eco-friendly meaning:

Eco – an abbreviation for ecology, which talks about the system of relationships between living things and their environment.

Friendly – being helpful, kind, or pleasant to someone.

So, Eco-friendly means being helpful or being least harmful to the relationship between the living things and their environment.

What’s so wrong with the usage of the word?

Though the most common definition of being eco-friendly is Environment Friendly and many times, these words are used interchangeably, and it’s even quite widely accepted. But still, the context many times is questionable as just using the word is not enough to support that claim. This is where many organizations help consumers to make the right choice. Mainly, through their certifications that are issued after properly regulating the activities surrounding the claim. Ouch! That got too technical! 


A way of life

So, getting back to our discussion, products, processes, and lifestyles can be called eco-friendly if those things are not adding to or damaging the environment and our planet. We humans have already exploited the resources to the point of extinction, creating havoc across many parts of the world, which is evident from the climate change phenomenon that we see around us. Though most part of pollution and carbon footprint is added in the production stage and it is also the responsibility of big organizations to take a step towards being eco-friendly, we should not transfer the blame on them as our fast lifestyle has made us more capitalist and thus, we are equally responsible for using more and more products and having them at our disposal. 

This needs to stop now, and you should be the one to start with irrespective of what you see around yourself. Even take responsibility for transferring this approach to your friends, family, and colleagues and join hands to move towards sustainable living!


Examples of eco-friendly practices:

  1. Reduce relying on plastic products.
  2. eco friendly
    The 3 important Rs

    Reuse items if possible, be innovative, and find your own ways; as in our day-to-day life, we get many instances where we get a chance to reuse things.

  3. Recycling or opting to use recycled products is an optimal way to reduce our carbon footprint and help reduce pollution that would have occurred if that item would’ve ended up in a landfill.
  4. Use Energy-Efficient Products.
  5. Though we respect your choice but as a matter of fact, even opting for a vegan lifestyle is an eco-friendly practice in itself as you reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

There are infinite ways which can be added to this list, and this is the only way forward if we want to actually sustain for a long term and if we go on living the way we are living now, then the time might come soon when it would be too late to save the environment and hence our mother Earth.

But since you are till the end means that you really care for our environment and thus we would like to share our eco-friendly range of products with you.

Check out, and who knows, we might surprise you!

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