Can you believe when one says they have reduced their electricity bill, growing their own vegetables, reduced the water bill while influencing other 4000 people to go green? 

N Ramakrishnan’s retirement made him shift to Bengaluru city in 2012. Ramakrishnan shifted to Basaveshwaranagar in a house built over a space of 40 by 40 feet. The man has set up various things like horticulture, solar power units, composting systems and rainwater harvesting in his home. Throughout his life, Ramakrishnan has taken these values. Not only himself or his family, but his actions have also influenced over 4000 people around him. 

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Organic Gardening:

Ramakrishnan’s kitchen garden on the terrace of his house is immaculately adorned up. Even his front space is filled with ornamental plants.

Other 60 plants, mostly on his terrace, there are fruit trees like papaya, pomegranate and chikoo. There are also vegetable plants of tomato, curry leaves, mint, spinach, gourd, brinjal, beans, radish, etc. 

N Ramakrishnan
N Ramakrishnan with his plants and water tank

Apart from this he uses grow bags for these plants. Thus, making it a more sustainable practice. These plants provide over 50% of the food consumed by the family.

The plants only receive organic nutrition in the form of natural manure. The family has ensured a habit of composting the kitchen waste. This reduces the load of kitchen waste as well. 

To make your own organic manure, check this:

N Ramakrishnan claims that he prepares 15 kg of organic manure in his home every month.

organic manure
Organic manure

Water Harvesting:

This is not the only means for Ramakrishnan to be environmentally sustainable. His plans for saving water have inspired his family to build a tank on their roof. The tank can hold up to 750 litres of water at one time. In this way, the family saves almost 3000 litres of water every monsoon. As he uses this water for his garden irrigation purposes, he has been somewhat independent of Municipal sources. He only relies on them during the summer months. Otherwise, his water supply bill barely reaches Rs.150. Even some suspicious officials visited his home to check on these fluctuations. Upon seeing their water harvesting idea they were also left quite happy. 

Solar Panels:

This green warrior also produces his own electricity. A photovoltaic solar panel of 800 watts is installed in his house. It is enough to supply smooth power to the fans and lights. Even when there is no light in the neighborhood due to power fault, their lights and fans keep on operating.  This has resulted in a fall of 40% in their electricity bill. With this they save Rs. 800 a month. 

Hasirina Harikararu:

Hasirina Harikararu
Hasirina Harikarau

N Ramakrishnan set out to influence more people about his economically sustainable and green living. He was successful in leading his community and making 4000 people change their way of living. In Bengaluru, Ramakrishnan formed an environmental group called ‘Hasirina Harikararu.’  The group comprises experts in the field of medicine, technology and academics. These experts handle sub-groups in various vicinities.










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