Tourism is one thing that many count on as a hobby and an escape from everyday life. Being one of the largest serving industries, its main purpose is to provide an insight into the heritage, culture and settlement of the place. As surreal as it sounds the industry contributes to more than 5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Tourism is one vital contributor to climate change. The industry is a heavy consumer of essential resources like energy and water. They also are a polluting cause with the high waste generation. 

Many times we see people littering or destroying the natural ecosystems of the places they visit. Heavy plastic littering or not showing respect for the heritage and culture has led to various destructions for these exotic indigenous places.

One example of this is the Komodo Islands of Indonesia. Heavy tourism had led to heavy dwindling in the use of the country’s resources. But more importantly, there was a notable decrease in the number of Komodo dragons. Some smugglers were trying to get them off the island. The government announced in 2019 that it was closing the island for tourists and focusing on the revival of the dragon’s population as well as the ecosystem. 

Also after the Coronavirus pandemic reset it has become more important than ever for people to travel. The pandemic has even raised eco-awareness among the people for all sectors. 

Green travel, eco-travel or sustainable travel– call it anything, but it is important and a precautionary step towards helping the environment and preserving the culture of the place you visit. 

That’s where we have Kynder travel to make travel more ‘Kind and Eco-friendly.’

What is Kynder? 

Louree Maya from Kynder
Kynder founder Louree Maya

A young Louree Maya was inspired by her mother to start travelling at a young age. She and her family were always going on trips. She went for her first solo trip to Paris when she was 14. To commemorate her love for travel, especially travel that is sustainable and kind, Louree launched Kynder in April 2017. 

Kynder a ‘kind travel platform’ was developed with points like raising independent, eco-conscious and kind hospitality spots around the world. They cater to the whole travel experience right from finding accommodation, eateries, coffee houses, ice creameries, sweet shops and they just added on tour experiences too. 

“Providing a caring experience for guests and staff members is essential to be considered a true ambassador of the hospitality industry. Our mission is to celebrate humanity in hospitality by spotlighting the businesses who put their people, the planet, and their communities first.” – says Louree. 

So in all, instead of focusing on high-end, luxurious accommodations, Kynder wants to provide a platform to feature independent hospitality that is helping the world by carrying out sustainable and fair practices. 

What will you find? 


Kynder- ecotourism
Kynder logo


They are not a review/rating site but instead, they would fish out unique recommendations from their bowl. Not the everyday things like how their sauce was bad or the waiters had an ill-fitted uniform but a unique thought behind their selected spot, like the coffee shop that hires and trains refugees or the hostel that promotes world peace through travel. They also feature establishments based on how out of their way they are willing to go to achieve the global sustainability goals. 

Once you visit their site they have options to find hotels, retreats & hostels; eateries; wineries, etc. around the place. They have countries like the USA, Europe, Canada, South/Central America, Mexico, Thailand and Sri Lanka on their list of sustainable spots. 

The Tour Experience:

With their new tour experience, the company now curates special tours in countries like Tanzania, India, Indonesia; Andalusia; Mexico and Peru.

Kynder hospitality
Kynder hospitality categories

How is Kynder kinder?

To become a partner with Kynder, establishments that are in the hospitality business need to meet certain criteria. 

  • Eco/Ethical/Humane Practices:

Firstly, any partner spot should be engaged in the use of organic products, fair/direct trade, conservation of all kinds of resources, waste reduction, sustainable seafood, vegan options, local sourcing and ethical standards for purveyors.

  • Fair Labor/Staff Wellness:

Ethical and fair treatment of all members of the company is important. Fair and kind treatment, a fair wage and other supportive practices for the staff are encouraged. 

  • Aesthetic/Quality/Comfort:

Keeping the sustainability factors and the planet in mind they still won’t compromise over the quality of the place and the comfort of their customers.

  • Purpose Driven/Community Love/Kind Hospitality:

Explaining itself, their services don’t miss the community and are wholesome to all the stakeholders of the business. 


We only feature hospitality establishments that care about you, their staff, their community, and the planet.

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