A 28-year-old, Nilay Agrawal from Gurugram is helping feed and educate underprivileged kids from slums in 10 cities.

Vishalakshi foundation head Nilay works as a senior ontologist at GloballLogic. He always had a hope to do his bit for the underprivileged people like helping feed them. In 2018, Nilay went through the loss of a close friend, Vishalakshi. 

“She was young and full of potential until her life ended in a single moment. It was then that I realized how privileged I was to be here with all the dreams that I had. So I decided to not waste a single moment and start contributing my time to a noble cause,” he relates.

Vishalakshi foundation
Kids of Vishalakshi foundation

The start of a journey:

Vishalakshi foundation
Foundation logo

Nilay started out initially by contacting a few nearby NGOs and distributing a few cookies through them. Soon Nilay started practicing many similar initiatives and uploaded his videos on social media. Of course, there were some people who didn’t believe in his efforts, but many netizens also joined him for his initiatives.

In January 2019, Nilay Agrawal established the Vishalakshi Foundation in memory of his late friend. The main aim of this foundation was to set up a dream society where everyone could enjoy the basic right to education, food, good health, respect and dignity. Through this, he wanted to provide these kids an opportunity to dream big for themselves. 

The Foundation’s mission:

To improve the quality of life and every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Under the devoted work of their founder and philanthropist, the foundation has set a mission to selflessly work not only for the poor but humanity in general. A dream to provide every child something they truly deserve. 

The Project ‘Dream School’: 

“While distributing food at a slum last year, I happened to talk to its children. It turned out that they had never been to a school in their lives,” Nilay says.

As education is a fundamental human right VISHALAKSHI FOUNDATION works to provide quality education and opportunities to children of the slum through their project ‘Dream Slum.’ as of now, there are 4 dream schools up and running, 2 in Gurgaon and 2 in Lucknow. In these schools, more than 300 young minds come not only to learn academics but also morning exercises, yoga and other such activities. All the expenses for food and stationery are also borne by the foundation. While many people supported their initiative, there were some parents that did not want their kids to drop work to study. To convince, these parents was another hurdle for Nilay. 

The project ‘Hunger’:

The foundation has worked relentlessly to provide food to many empty stomachs. Their first special hunger drive was launched in Lucknow. During Covid, where so many people were skeptical to go out, Nilay showed up at these slums to deliver food packages and ration. With a motto of “Zero Hunger” the project was launched in different cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Lucknow, Banda, Amroha, Fatehpur, Ranchi. For their excellent work in tough times. They also got featured by Forbes India as corona frontline warriors.



The project ‘CNG’:

This foundation is truly working for the overall development of the planet. With their project CNG( clean and green) they desire to target the unprecedented climate change. With carrying on cleanliness drives and reforming those places they have been successful to 4 schools for some 350 unprivileged kids. They have also planted 450 trees so far.


vishalakshi foundation
Team Vishalakshi

The team has also worked relentlessly to help these people survive the Covid crisis. Throughout covid, the team has been instrumental in continuing to make changes virtually. By spreading awareness online, they were able to collect Rs. 40 lakh via donations. 

Their work has now spread to more than 10 cities across India. Clearly, Nilay has been successful to be the change that he wanted to see in the world. 

To become a volunteer at Vishalakshi Foundation register at http://vishalakshifoundation.org/ 

To donate for a noble cause: Paytm: 8588805577

                                              G-Pay / Phonepe UPI.ID: [email protected]

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