Small girl invents biodegradable bandages that you can paint on. 

Kiowa Kavovit is a small girl who invented a biodegradable bandage, having paint on it. The bandage is not only sustainable but is also quite affordable. Various big bandage companies have contacted her and her dad to collaborate with them.
You must be thinking that what is special about the bandage and how it differs from normal ones, right! Relax. You will know that below.
But firstly, let us dive into the story that led to this biodegradable bandage invention. The story is quite interesting, and I was surprised how a small incident became the basis of such an innovative idea. I bet by the end of the post, you will be amazed too.

Boo Boo Goo created by Kiowa and her father, Andrew  (source)

Story of Biodegradable bandage


One day 4-year-old Kiowa Kavovit looked down on her knees where there was a Band-Aid. Out of the blue, she asked her dad, ‘Dad, what if I have a skin on which I can paint on.’ That question made her, with the help of her dad to come up with the idea of Boo Boo Goo.

Boo Boo Goo is a biodegradable, natural, and waterproof skin protectant that paints on a bandage. The fun colors make the bandage more affectionate to children.

Boo Boo Goo is different from traditional band-aids. It comes in a variety of options of colors and different skin. Kiowa never liked the fact of using a normal band-aid when she gets hurt because it was like an announcement to everyone that she got hurt.

She truly is an innovative young entrepreneur who takes normal occurrences into their thoughts and provides a solution to that particular stuff.

How is the biodegradable bandage different from normal ones?

booboo goo
Booboo goo

The bandage because the paint not only looks good but is environment-friendly as well. Are you wondering about how?

Check out below points on how Boo Boo Goo bandage is different-

  • The bandage produces zero waste.
  • The bandage is biodegradable and organically made.
  • The biodegradable bandage works on diverting tons of wastes into soil.
  • Normal bandages contain some particles of plastic. They do not remain biodegradable. Hence after use, they end up in landfills.
  • The wastes then, as usual, disposed into oceans in large numbers.
  • But biodegradable bandage changes this pattern. Once it is used, it can be recycled repeatedly or can change into any other thing.

Since 2018, Boo Boo Goo is doing negotiations with big bandage companies. However, any name is not revealed yet. But the chances are high that in the future, we will know about that.

Apart from partnering with companies, the biodegradable bandage will also have added to their brand. Like they will be introducing Boo Boo burns, Boo Boo Bites, Boo Boo blocks, Boo Boo Salve, etc.

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To wrap up, do put your thoughts below on this sustainable innovation. If you have an idea about other such innovations, then mention their name below. That can be the topic of my next blog.

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