Bamboo textile is becoming the new face of the fashion industry. Companies are trying to be more sustainable and responsible in their production work. They are keen on using bamboo fabric, as it is the best eco-friendly option for complying with sustainability in fashion.

What is bamboo clothing?

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Bamboo fabric clothes are clothes made of bamboo yarns or threads. In earlier times, only a few houseware textiles used bamboo fabric. But nowadays, you can find bamboo clothing everywhere.

The new technologies and the innovative designs have allowed the bamboo fabric to apply to extensive fashion textile products. Examples of bamboo clothing include socks, slacks, pants, shirts, dresses, bedsheets, cushion covers, blankets, curtains, and so on.

With new advancements, the bamboo fabric is also applicable for preparing event gowns, sportswear, seasonal wear, and specific designer dresses. As people switch to sustainable options at social and economic levels, bamboo fabric has firmly replaced fast fashion.

Why is bamboo fabric so popular?

Bamboo fabric is becoming the new ethical face of eco-fashion. Fashion designers and textile producers, who don’t focus solely on their profit, are genuinely concerned about the environmental crisis. Thereby, to settle the global injustice caused by fast fashion, textile industries have induced ways to account for bamboo clothing fashion.

There are many reasons why eco-conscious consumers and producers are turning towards the bamboo fabric. The advantages of bamboo fashion for the producers, the high-street sellers, and the end-line consumers are different.

At each step of production, stocking, and consumption, bamboo has great popularity and high-end benefits. It is forming a sustainable cycle which is important for both economic and environmental growth and protection.

Advantages of bamboo fabric at various steps of its lifespan!

For textile industries:

Bamboo fabric is most profitable for the textile production units. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that can regenerate easily and more quickly. It is suitable for all seasons. The water requirement and maintenance needs are very less as compared to cotton.

Further, the bamboo plant can adjust to varied weather exposures and different soil types. Any toxic chemical use is not required in fabric generation, and the garment process is also quite straightforward. The fabric creation and clothing procedure are completely natural, and it doesn’t harm anyone.

The fabric is perfect to suit the sustainability factors. They are highly durable and can be recycled. Hence, when textile producers use bamboo fabric to prepare fashionable clothes or regular wear, they don’t exploit the resources or our environment.

The clothes are dyed in organic colors and are perfect for every wear. Also, the fabric retains its natural plant properties. It is antibacterial, antifungal, and highly breathable. The environmental leads are also safe, as bamboo fabric cloth creation is pollution-free.

For market sellers:

As the bamboo fabric is gaining attention in the market, sellers also focus on this sustainable fashion. Using bamboo clothing in their selling goods, they get to use the tag of green fashion.

The eco-friendly, ethical fashion gives them green environmental credentials. It attracts attention from consumers, and eco-conscious buyers seek more options to use bamboo fabric. As many people are new to this type of fabric, they also tend to buy it out of curiosity and pure interest.

The extensive collection of bamboo clothing like houseware textiles, socks, ties, shirt tops, activewear, and even undergarments make its high potential for sellers. They take it as an opportunity to increase their sales and gain profit.

For consumers:

As much as producers and sellers enjoy the benefits of this slow, ethical fashion, the end-point consumers also get great leverage with bamboo fabric clothing. Since there is not much chemical processing with the fabric, it retains the natural properties of the bamboo plant.

The fabric is so soft, smooth, and shiny that it can easily be taken for the cotton silk fabric. The microscopic pores in the cloth make it extremely breathable and flexible for hard-working days. Its antibacterial agents keep you hygienic and lock out the bad odor.

The fabric is trendy for its moisture-wicking technique. It quickly absorbs sweat and keeps you dry and fresh all day long. It is also a powerful insulator and protects you against weather exposures. Bamboo fabric clothes are wrinkle-resistant and do not need chemical softeners after wash.

The clothes have a long lifespan. Hence, you can maintain your clothes for longer without worrying about the usage terms and frequent laundry loads. It is also made hypoallergenic so that even the most sensitive skin people can wear them without any irritation.

Bamboo fabric is highly eco-friendly. You can also reuse and recycle them. They don’t contain any toxic chemicals or other harmful stuff. The final garments are completely biodegradable and sustainable. Hence, by using these clothes, you can also protect the environment from the bad impacts of fast fashion.

This new trail is setting sustainable fashion trends in the market. No doubt why it is becoming so much popular in the market. The wide range of bamboo fabric clothing has made it easy for people to consider rethinking fast fashion.

Features of bamboo fabric

What is wrong with fast fashion?

According to several studies, it is a proven fact that textile industries are the second largest producers of highly toxic, non-biodegradable waste products. Fast fashion is known for posing global hazards and the environmental dilemmas that are defiling the planet.

It is degrading our land, air, and water sources. The multi-step production processes are overexploiting our resources. Energy consumption needs are also very high in fast fashion production. Moreover, it is creating high toxic waste that is detrimental to the planet.

Also, fast fashion doesn’t work with sustainability. Neither follows the 3R rule of sustainable fashion. The life span of fast fashion clothes is concise and clipped. It seems that fast fashion trends are very affordable, readily accessible, and best suitable in the starting. But in the long run, these clothes cause much environmental pollution.

The workers indulged in fast fashion production experience serious health hazards. The overseas workers get meager wages and are forced to work extra hours. The people who live nearby these textile companies also suffer from global health issues.


All these facts indicate that we start avoiding this fast fashion and using the sustainability idea in our basic clothing system. In this time of environmental crisis, bamboo fabric is the best suitable match for sustainable fashion.

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Cloth made of bamboo fibre

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