the bamboo fabric

Even the fashion sector, which is well-known for its attention to style and generating new trends, has adopted ecologically friendly practices. Designers are gradually beginning to employ bamboo fabric in many of their upcoming collections, thanks to the growing popularity of the new bamboo fabric. Luxurious fabrics are synonymous with a soft touch. The bamboo fabric as well as being inexpensive provides a smooth texture comparable to Egyptian Silk. It will be not far from true to claim bamboo as one of the softest material.

Bamboo fabric

Bamboo has traditionally been used to make paper by hand throughout Asia. The bamboo pulp is now possible to turn into the bamboo fibre. Which can be used to manufacture yarn and clothing, owing to contemporary technology.

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile manufactured from bamboo grass pulp. Bamboo grass goes through pulping until thin threads of fibre separate. These fibres go through spinning and colouring to be ready for weaving into cloth.

bamboo fabric; the softest material in the world of fashion

In the world of fashion, the words soft and smooth go hand in hand with expensive and luxurious. The touch and feel of bamboo fabric are similar to critically acclaimed fabrics like Egyptian Silk. A vast majority not if the whole method of the processing for bamboo fabric is natural. This means bamboo has no exposure to artificial dyes, chemicals etc.

Devoid of any chemicals the fabrics at the macro level are round and smooth. The fabric thus does not feel rough on the skin and hence is not at all irritable.

Is it the softest?

Bamboo, unlike many other materials, is incredibly breathable. The natural bamboo plant maintains its fabric form in the heat and, like its other features, keeps itself cool. The bamboo fibre’s cross-section spans micro-gaps, enhancing moisture absorption and ventilation. As a result, it can keep the wearer nearly two degrees cooler in hot weather and substantially warmer in cold weather.

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