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Sustainable hotels are not so much in number. Most of the hotels, in one way or other consists of some unethical practices that harm the environment. Either it is by using plastic-made materials or unconscious disposable habits of wastes in landfills.

However, all such practices do not make them less worthy of having guests in their hotels and charging a lot of money. The other point is most hotels do not even remain transparent about their work. So, people do not get whatever services they are choosing, is sustainable or not.

Patricia Plenser
Patricia Plenser

But Patricia Plenser has made a solution regarding this matter. She has invented It is a booking site that works only with sustainable hotels. Being the CEO of, she made a ritual of planting a tree for every booking and has planted 25k trees till now. sustainable hotels was founded in 2020. Patricia started this booking site as a sustainable and responsible alternative to the other big online travel agencies. It caters to the needs of the sustainability-conscious traveller.


Features of the booking site-

  • A better alternative to dominant travel agencies.
  • Promotes sustainability in travelling.
  • Cooperates with hotels that are fully sustainable.
  • Plus hotels that have trustworthy certifications to show a sustainable approach

In addition to this, the team of supports reforestation, removes plastic from oceans, and increases biodiversity by planting trees on every booking made on their site.

Ecohotels’ mission is to make a community of sustainable hotels and travellers. Hotels contain business models and commissions in accordance with their services. For travellers, Ecohotels is the place where they can get reliable information and certifications of the hotels that are following sustainability.

Why choose’s services?

If you are a traveller, then with service, you can ensure to have better hotel recommendations without compromising with the comforts and luxuries that large dominant hotels provide.

The hotel industry is competitive and overlooks elements like sustainability.

How can hotels register on

If you are in the sustainable hotel business, then to get global reach and better leads, you can register your hotel on You can follow the below steps for that-

  1. Firstly, go to
  2. Fill the Hotel sign up form
  3. Click on the send form.
  4. With this step, you are making your hotel to be evaluated by the team of
  5. The next step is to sign the hotel agreement and finalize the participation
  6. For this, upload the relevant information on the extranet.

Whether you are a traveler or a hotel owner, just go to and get to know the required terms and conditions.

To conclude, if you have used this booking site, please comment on your experience, and if you know any other similar sites, provide their name below.

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