A large section of Indians are Hindus but are not strictly vegetarians. Only 23 to 37% of the Indian population is vegetarian. The meat demand is still high, resulting in unregulated animal farming. The Indian agricultural and livestock industry is accountable for 18% of the total national GHG emissions. Considering all these detrimental effects like negative environmental impact, dire and unhygienic state of slaughterhouses and animal farms.

A serious and front-running replacement to this is meat based off plant. For the past decade, plant-based meat has garnered a lot of popularity across the world. The positives of this option are unmatchable as compared to animal meat. India is a big market for poised growth for plant-based or vegan meat. According to a survey by the Good Food Institute, approximately 63% of Indians are expected to switch to plant-based meat on a daily basis. 

Still, at an incipient stage, India’s processed meat market is the second-fastest-growing while contributing 4.11% of India’s total GDP. Also, there are a number of options available now to choose from, for the Indian consumer like Vezlay, Greenest, Good Dot and many others. Foreign players like Beyond Meat are also quite famous in the sector. 

Talking about plant-based meat in India, Imagine Meats is one popular player. 

Imagine Meats logo
Imagine Meats logo

Imagine Meats: 

This Indian plant-based protein start-up Imagine Meats saw a commercial launch on the 10th of September in 2021, the 10th day of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. The brand is founded by Bollywood power couple, Genelia  Deshmukh and Riteish Deshmukh. 

The launch of the most delicious, guilt-free, plant-based meat products took place in Mumbai. They were working on this concept for a long time, but it kept being delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The development of Imagine Meat is steered by The Good Food Institute (GFI). This US-based non-profit organization is an exclusive promoter of plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs while circling around the goals of environmental sustainability. On the occasion, Varun Deshpande, GFI’s India division Managing Director, said-

“The clock is ticking on climate change, food and water insecurity, and public health crises like future pandemics. Plant-based meats offer huge promise to provide consumers and producers with a simple switch rather than a sacrifice, and the launch of Imagine Meats is an exciting development towards making this a reality and helping the Indian market for smart protein truly take off.”

Co-founder's Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh e
Co-founder’s Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh

The idea behind Imagine Meats:

“I have been a hardcore meat eater who turned vegetarian 4 years ago. Let me be honest there have been times when I have craved the taste and indulgence of meat. With Plant-Based Meat around, I am a much happier vegetarian now. I would rather just imagine meat.”- says Riteish. 

Through this, Deshmukh’s desire to leave behind a kinder and better planet for the children by bringing in sync the best of global culinary science with the special flavours and traditions of India. 

Co-owner Genelia also expressed how they want to cater to the new converts, especially the Indian audience who likes to eat Kebabs and kheema rather than burgers. They want to serve all those who want to try plant-based meat for health reasons, for their curiosity as well as the ones who are trying to be sustainable and ethical. 

She noted that the brand seeks to “reimagine how the masses consume meat by providing equally juicy and succulent plant-based options”.


Their range varies from keemas, kebabs, nuggets, biryanis and burgers in plant-based chicken and mutton varieties. Even these further have a lot of varieties.

Imagine Meat products
Imagine Meat products


Mission & Vision: 

The company’s goal is to plant the idea of plant-based meat.

  • Imagine Nutrition: 

Without compromising the nutritional value, it provides a great combination of taste and sustainability.

  • Imagine Flavour: 

Deep flavours with an infusion of Indian culinary and tastes. Imagine Meats promises the best of flavours for its audience. 

  • Imagine Environment: 

Without harming any animals, their meat is 100% processed and is plant-based. This makes it completely guilt-free to consume and kinder to the environment. 

  • Imagine Health: 

 No animal meat means no fear of animal diseases or hormones. A clean consumption that is better for your health. 

“We want @imaginemeats to be a choice for anybody seeking the taste of meats without the guilt of environment and public health impacts.”- says Genelia Deshmukh. 

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