Louise Vongerichten Ulukaya

Louise creates sustainable kids’ clothing made from recycled cotton and plastics. She works for the welfare and sustainability of the ecosystem and promotes ethical fashion.

Louise Vongerichten Ulukaya
Louise Vongerichten Ulukaya

How her story with sustainable fashion took shape?

The story started when she set out to find the best clothing for her newborn kid Miran. Her idea was to search for something out of children’s clothing that not only looked and felt good but was also socially right and planet-friendly.

Obviously, she wanted to give her precious little baby the gift of clothes that were good for him, which actually didn’t harm the environment. She searched a variety of brands but couldn’t find any clothes that truly respected the planet while not compromising her baby’s looks and comfort.

When she failed in finding such kinds of fashion products, she decided to create her own line of kid’s clothing that would be ethical and sustainable. Her decision was not just for entertaining herself, but she actually got down with rolling the balls.

She wanted to create a brand that cares for the environment, respects the people making it, and looks and feels good while being accessible for all. To add up with that, she founded Mon Coeur.

Mon Coeur

brand Mon Coeur

Mon Coeur is a textile company that manufactures sustainable clothing for children, including boys, girls, and infants. It was born from an imaginary world where the environment comes first.

By establishing and working with the company, Louise managed to manufacture the children’s fashion that could meet up with her standards of eco-friendliness.

The company uses post-industrial recycled cotton, polyester from upcycled plastic bottles, and recycled Roica elastane to create their kid’s clothing stuff. Their garnets are completely ethical, 100% recycled, and eco-friendly.

Everything she prepares, produces, or manufactures in her inventory, from fabrics to zippers and from buttons to labels to embroideries, is ethical. All of her clothing is made of purely recycled content, including post-industrial recycled cotton (R-CO), recycled polyester from upcycled plastic bottles (R-PET), and recycled Roica elastane (R-EA).

She incorporates the latest innovations from the world’s leading research institutions, labs, and scientists to make reliable clothing for earth-loving kids.

An outfit from Mon Coeur. ( source )

She takes great care in maintaining the garmenting procedure. To limit and reduce emissions of any kind, her company produces products in Portugal with European sourced fabric and accessories.
In her journey, Louise found a great team of amazing women. They now work with her to make kinder clothes for kids that are also gentle to the environment.

“We believe in creating sustainable kids’ clothing that lasts for long so that our planet does too,” – says Louise.

Her entire team works with love, care, and passion. Her company strives to do clean and green, sustainable production. Their supply and production chain include France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. They assure traceability from the drawing of collection until their prices reach the hands of their buyers.

Each of their pieces speaks to the latest problem-solving innovations in materials science. At Mon Coeur, she and her team care for their workers. They only work with suppliers, manufacturing companies, and countries that treat their employees with respect and professionalism.

They pay reliable living wages to their workers and allow no child to work or wander nearby their factory. Working with sustainability, they give products destined to pollute the Earth a second life.

Her work is totally based on a zero-waste culture. She has also pledged 1% of her sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. With her fantastic work, she has created an ideal in the field of sustainable fashion.

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