About Suscin

Suscin is founded by IITians who are passionate about environment  and sustainability approach. They believe by using latest technologies, a sustainable and effective alternative can be given to people against fast fashion industry.

Let us have a look on what is wrong with fast fashion industry!

What is the problem with fast fashion industry?

Fast fashion, as the name shows, changes very quickly. The item which is in trend today will not have same impact tomorrow. Every single day new trend forms. The young generation, being the most affected by this trend, falls in the trap and spends millions on shopping.

  • The fast fashion industry is the second largest consumer of water in the whole world. 700 gal. Of water is used to make 1 cotton shirt.
  • The textile dying is the second largest polluter of water globally because of its usage of chemicals during production process.
  • The industry is responsible for 10% of carbon emissions produced worldwide.
  • 1.7 million of microfiber end up disposing in ocean every year.
  • Fast fashion industry, on a large scale, does human labor exploitation.

Above are some of the impacts of fast fashion on world. The list is quite huge. But Suscin’s sustainability in fashion approach prevents these issues. It takes mindful way to create the garments that are in sync with environment and fashion.

With fast fashion, there are many problems, from Air pollution to Water pollution to Plastic pollution to Ocean pollution. Fast fashion industry has increased very substantially over recent years. Overproduction and overconsumption are the features of this industry.

How Suscin is different from the fashion industry?

Suscin is different from fast fashion industry in all ways. Where they follow changing runway trends, Suscin is promoting responsible, Environment-friendly and sustainable garments.

Below are the points that make Suscin different-

  • Suscin supports sustainability.

The garments of Suscin is made with taking environment factor into mind. Unlike fast fashion, Suscin products are produced in a way to leave minimum ecological footprint.

The garments follows 3R of sustainability. Due to made up of high quality fabrics, the life span of clothes remain high. Further when it is about to end, it can be reused for other purposes and at the end can be recycled successfully as well.

  • Quality assurance

When going for Suscin, you can ensure to have quality and reliable garments. The clothes are certified and licensed.

  • Zero exploitation

Fast fashion industry exploits human labor in many ways. They provide worse working conditions and very low wages.

Studies show that 1 in every 10 people works in garment industry.

Garment industry as over-produce clothes, they need labor in large number. But the working conditions is very bad. People have to work hard, have to use chemicals, etc., but do not get wage in accordance with that.

But Suscin provides its working people very good working conditions and fair wages. Hence, there us zero exploitation of labor in case of Suscin.

What one can do on personal level?

  • Switching to more sustainable options like Bamboo fabric-based clothes.
  • Reusing old clothes 
  • Conscious buying (I.e. buying only if necessary)
  • Upcycling old clothes
  • Donating old clothes to NGOs or organisations

So, prefer sustainable brands out there and adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle in your daily life from today and hopefully one day,