Suscin Associates

Suscin Family is inviting Social Media Influencers to be a part of our extended family by associating with us as our brand Influencers. Be a part of the revolution that we as a fashion-tech brand are trying to bring to disrupt this fast fashion Industry by introducing eco-friendly and sustainable clothing and essentials as an alternative to these detrimental daily need products. 

Our Offering:

1. Being a team of creative individuals. We believe creative freedom is the fundamental right of every artist. Be free to use any technique and medium of conversation. Try to think out of the box to create content that will educate your audience and motivate them to think consciously about their choices.

2. For all those who are new in this field, this is an incredible opportunity to grow along with our brand, this is a chance that you literally don’t wanna miss.

3. Affiliations will be coupon code based that will be forwarded in the Email. Details you can provide in the form provided below.

4. A dedicated support will be provided to all people to get stats about the sale through their referral, payout info and much more. We strongly believe in transparency with our team as well as all the customers.

5. Suscin Associate program is a super-easy way to get associated with us through all possible platforms like YouTube, your Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, WhatsApp messages just to name a few.

6. Most Importantly what would be the monetary benefits? Your referee will get a flat 20% discount on every item purchased and don’t worry all our associates will get a flat 5% commission on the selling price.

Whom we are looking for:

We are looking for adventure freaks/ fitness enthusiasts whose soul doesn’t allow them to stay in one place. If you have creativity bundled inside and are willing to try our eco-friendly and sustainable products and share it’s benefit with their audience. 

Kindly fill out the form given below if you have decent and engaging followers on your social media channels and keen on being a part of the team. Once we receive the same, someone from the Suscin team shall get back to you at the earliest. Please include links to all of your social media profiles as well. For any other information, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Suscin Associate Form