Bamboo Earbuds

Around 1.5 Million Plastic disposable swabs are produced every single day! What for? Using it for one time and throwing it away! What!!!


And over that, all of those disposable swabs needs resources to be produced, shipped and packed just to be used for one time! 

And due to them being so small, they often end up at places that we never anticipate like you would have seen few images on the internet about how a cute little seahorse who is supposed to carry seaweed is rather seen carrying a cotton-plastic swab attached to its tail. Not funny!

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Even though cotton-plastic swabs aren’t the major ocean polluters but still contributes to about 1-5% of ocean pollution and that’s still a significant figure.

It’s easy to solve the issue, why don’t we use some alternative to plastic, something that can decompose! Isn’t it a good solution? or maybe a plastic swab but reusable isn’t it what 3Rs of sustainability teach us: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle?

Well, we have one of these 2 solutions with us and this is what we propose you to use a BAMBOO EARBUD. Period!