Bamboo Fabric Story

It starts with fast fashion issues!

Do you buy clothes as per the changing trend? Have you tossed  your clothes just wearing them once or twice? If you nod your head in a yes, then you are the consumer of fast fashion.

FAST FASHION refers to the way big brands push runway styles to customers like you quickly in response to the upcoming trends. The clothes under fast fashion are made cheaply available to consumers.

As per studies,

  • The net worth of this fast fashion industry is approx. 1.2 trillion.
  • Research shows that an average person spends 1700 dollars on clothes per year.
  • People contain 105-150 clothes on closet but wears only 15-20% of the items.
  • One cloth that a person buys, toss it by wearing just 4-6 times.

Whatever world trend or runway trend is going on, the fashion industry start producing that items in bulk amount. The clothes are of low quality, inexpensive and of less life time period.

The items are bombarded in the market, both online  and offline. In fast fashion industry, every single day new trend forms. The young generation, being the most affected by this trend, falls in the trap and spends millions on shopping.

We, at Suscin, are focusing on sustainability in fashion with bamboo fabric clothing.

 With bamboo, we make clothing organically that comes with ample sustainability. Bamboo is even seen as the best alternative of cotton. In recent time, as the sustainable fashion is growing, bamboo has created a buzz in textile industry.

Garments made by bamboo promotes eco-friendliness and provides a luxurious look to people. The bamboo fabric is free from the plastic and other harmful materials and is dyed with Organic colors. The garments made with bamboo remain lightweight, comfortable and breathable.

Bamboo fabric production process-

  1. The bamboo wood is broken into tiny chunks.
  2. Then a natural enzyme gets spread over the wood fibers.
  3. The fibers are then thoroughly cleaned, washed and it is spun into yarn.
  4. This process is called mechanical process of making bamboo yarn. It is environment-friendly.
  5. The yarn then is used for the production of bamboo fabric.

Bamboo yarn is not only used for making garments, but for household items also. The sheets, towels, blankets, etc., items are even created with bamboo fabric.

Bamboo fabric production leads to zero exploitation of labor!

Bamboo is produced in rural areas in the most cost- effective way. As per the cultivators, bamboo can be produced anywhere like grass. It does not have specific conditions and requirements needed in the production process.

The eco-friendly way paves the way for strong and long-lasting fabric. The cultivators grow bamboo, then it is transferred into yarn. The yarn is then used by manufacturers to create fabrics. This required cycle is straightforward and every person involved in the process, gets the great deal. Hence, zero waste of labor is there.

Things you can count on with Suscin fabrics-

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Suitable for every skin types.
  • The natural shine and softness offer comfort.
  • Provide protection against UV rays.
  • Gives comfort and style in budget

Suscin is promoting sustainability in fashion. We, with our bamboo fabric clothing, are moving towards sustainable approach to long-term fashion.