The Box Story​

The box story

Do you now? Whenever you buy anything and tend to use plastic bags for that, you unknowingly aid the environmental pollution. Once your stuff is delivered, the plastic used for packaging becomes waste material and is sent to landfills.

There the plastic tends to remain for a long period. As being stable, plastic packages become hard to decompose or degrade after they are discarded. Even after they break down, the plastic gives up high-volume chemicals that lead to devastating impacts on the environment.

Since, we are concerned for our environment and are approaching a sustainable workstyle, we decided to look for possible eco-friendly alternatives. We discussed on every aspect and also looked into reusable plastics, and reprocessed products, but there was still something missing.

So, we further fueled our thoughts to help the biodiversity rather than degrading or exploiting it, and that’s how we came up with our eco-friendly cardboard boxes.


The beginning journey of our cardboard boxes!

At our organization, we carefully use our cardboard boxes that are outsourced by excellent vendors. They follow ethical practices for manufacturing and sourcing these boxes.

  • The tree wood is cut down into small logs and is sent for aftercare procedures at the paper industry.
  • They extract the pulp and process it into corrugated sheets.
  • These sheets make the cardboard boxes that we use to pack and deliver your stuff.
  • We request you to reuse and recycle these boxes and contribute your way to environment safety.


Can’t get over plastics?

While many industries and corporate businesses mostly use plastics for packaging and delivery work, it is quite hard to get over them. Then the other fact is, plastics are not all bad. Instead, they also can be reused and recycled for better deeds.

Moreover, there are certain benefits as well, but all along, it doesn’t changes the overexploiting pressure and pollution havoc on the biodiversity. Thereby, the bottom line is we need to avoid plastic as much as possible. Our cardboard box approach is quite affordable and sustainable.


Our ideology over using cardboard:

As reaching out to sustainable ways, we believe that sustainability should be the core structure of any establishment. We focus on creating values that will bring the change and decrease the burden on biodiversity.

Our main reason behind this whole function is to give the environment something back in return to our use of its offerings. This venture is all about making people realize their role as individuals and take better decisions that serve both them and the eco-system, they reside in.


What’s our goal in this?

With our eco-friendly services, we hope to help make people more responsible for their own decisions, making the world a better place to live. We hand-pack the products with love and care and deliver that to you safely. The boxes are easily reusable for various purposes and can be recycled.

This is our way forward to a sustainable approach and win the war over plastic packaging. We proudly thrive to have a plastic free supply chain. With these efforts, we want to minimize and mostly avoid the plastic usage hope the same efforts from you as well!!