Suscin - Work from home
World's softest tee, Insulating, Odour free, Sun or UV Protection, Sweat absorbing
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Suscin - Work from home
World's softest tee, Insulating, Odour free, Sun or UV Protection, Sweat absorbing

Why choose Bamboo?

Bamboo is actually a grass (and not a tree as generally assumed) and grows at world record speeds up to 4 cm in an hour…

More Sustainable

Bamboo uses a third of water as compared to what is used by Cotton. Don’t need pesticides or fertilizers as it is naturally anti-bacterial…

More Eco-friendly

Bamboo => Pulp Extraction => Cellulose generation => Yarn => Knitting => Environment-friendly dying => Hand Crafted…

Bamboo Fabric Journey

Disclaimer: Once you’ll use the bamboo fabric, you might never switch back to your cotton garments, we can guarantee that…

World’s Softest Fabric

Best performing active wear, much better than the best quality active wear made from synthetic fibers like Polyester…

Best Activewear

You wanna see this

World’s Softest Tee
Suscin offers you an experience never felt before, with T-shirts made from bamboo fabric. Yes, have a glance at the video to witness it.
Eco Box Unboxing
What’s better than buying a T-Shirt? well buying a more eco friendly T-shirt with eco friendly, 100% plastic free packaging and a lot of freebies.


Support Sustainability​​

Proud to leave minimum ecological footprint

Quality Assurance

Reliability and Highest Quality guaranteed​

Zero Exploitation​

We Ensure fair wages and human working conditions​

What we offer?

We have collaborated with Isha Foundation for Cauvery Calling initiative under which we are planting a Tree for every T-Shirt sold through our store. An e-certificate will be send directly to your e-mail.

1 tree per Sale

An estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost each year. For this reason our hang tag is made from 100% recycled paper with plant seeds inside it, now don’t throw it away, just put it in the soil and watch it grow. 

Seed Paper Tag

Sustainability is an attitude, it’s a habit which we want to promote to  each and every individual. For this we are providing complementary bamboo toothbrush/ earbuds in every T-Shirt package.

Assured Freebies

Go out with our premium cotton bag, which we are giving complementary as well with in out T-Shirt package.

Organic Cotton Tote Bag

Our Impact


Kms of CO2 saved


trees planted


days of drinking water saved

till now*

Women’s Collection

World’s softest tee to pamper yourself

Women’s Collection

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Work from Home collection for the Boss girl

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Men’s Collection

Moisture wicking and odour free tee that helps you to focus on your workout more…

Men’s Collection

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Work from Home collection for the ultimate comfort at home…

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Our Fabric is CERTIFIED!

Hear what people are saying

OMG! It is the World’s Softest T-Shirt without a doubt! I travel a lot and have tried and bought clothes from all the places in the world but never have I ever found a T-shirt that soft. Hats off to you guys! Sudhanshu M, TravellerBest for Travel Sudhanshu M, Traveller This brand shares the same ideology that I share, saving the environment. Never ever in my life till today, I’ve seen a brand doing so many things! Kudos team! Suchitra G, Corporate JobJust love this brand Suchitra G, Corporate Job Oh! Well to be honest, I never believed their claims of World’s Softest tee, but believe me after using it, it feels like you are wearing a furry T-shirt, so soft. And with this heat and WFH, I found it literally as a life savior! Harsh C, Software EngineerSoftest Tee I came across Harsh C, Software Engineer I deeply admire people who care for our environment. Suscin proved this things many times like Planting a sapling per order, using Bamboo which uses less water and has anti-bacterial properties, etc. Divya T, StudentKudos to team who putting environment first Divya T, Student “Fit snugly, use it to know it. Soft and keeps dry especially now in summers of India.” Paras M, HRperfect fit Paras M, HR Previous Next

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