Our Story

Who are we

Actually, we are 4 buddies, who met through a common friend and a co-founder who were concerned about the environment from the beginning. We wanted to be change makers rather than being dependent on someone to do it. So, that’s when we met and discussed about the problems and its possible alternatives for creating impact. Though the flame of coming up with something to help the environment and tackle climate change was there in all of us long before, it caught fire when one of our co-founders thought about how our choices will change post-pandemic and thus, we came up with the idea of sustainable products which leads to the birth of SUSCIN.

Our vision

What’s our ideology

We all share the same entrepreneurial spirit and are concerned with the current methodologies and the way we are exploiting our environment. As individuals, we really neglect the damage that is done to the environment and live our lives putting the blame on the corporates. While these corporations work for profits we share different perspectives on this. We believe that sustainability should be at the core of any organization and they should dedicate themselves to ensure that the environment is not harmed by their activities. And as the saying goes: “It’s never too late!”, we thought of starting our own journey, owning our own share of the blame and even helping others by contributing towards living a sustainable life and making the world a better place to live.

Become a wholesaler

Why are we working on something very niche

We are not like a typical organization that works only for profits, we believe in creating value, a value that not only helps in decreasing the burden on the environment but also helps in sensitizing people towards the problems that very few are talking about. We would not stop in this mission and so we would not look for profits but rather choose to serve people via this niche where people will become responsible for their own decisions.

Our vision

What’s sustainability for all of us?

Krunal: Sustainability for me is minimizing our own resource usage footprints so that our future generations can lead a better life and not blame us for our selfish behavior.

Akshay: I personally feel sustainability means to utilize each and every resource wisely and respectfully, without causing harm to others, and giving it enough time to replenish naturally and forever.

Aman: My view for Sustainability is to avoid using each and every product which has the irreversible effect on the environment and replacing them with the more viable eco friendly solutions.

“Adopting sustainability doesn’t mean doing everything that saves nature, rather its doing something that helps it!”

Why pandas

Oh! Well! We all love pandas, as we all share much of their traits, we eat more, we are lazy sometimes, we are also chubby and we are also cuties, Oh! Sorry, did I just mix each other’s traits here? I don’t know maybe yes, but again you might find out the reality when you meet us! We like to socialize with people with great minds! So, whenever you and we are free, we can always meet over a cup of chai or coffee and discuss your great plans/ideas to improve our organization! Just write to us at [email protected]

Our vision

What do we want to achieve via this venture

We wanted to show that an organization can exist and sustain even if their main focus isn’t making profits but to guide people to make better decisions that won’t take a toll on the environment. It would really make our day when we will see people realizing our cause and our venture will actually be successful when we will see other organizations taking their steps towards introducing a more ethical environment and introducing sustainable material-based products in their portfolio. We wanted to show everyone that this is the way forward and is the only way if everyone wants to sustain in this world!​