Bamboo Hand and Face Towel


  • Our Bamboo hand towels are made of soft bamboo fibers that nurture your skin and absorb water quickly!
  • Highly Absorbent and Odorless: Bamboo fibers are three times more absorbent than cotton; quick-to-dry!
  • Ultra-soft: Bamboo fabric is softer than the softest cotton!
  • Antimicrobial and Odorless: The natural presence of “Bamboo Kun,” a biological agent, makes bamboo towels antimicrobial and odorless
  • Sustainable: Doesn’t need as much water to wash; pesticide-free!
  • Size 35cm X 35cm

All Products are Proudly Made in India
All this will be packaged in one of our compostable and plastic-free, letterbox-friendly boxes.